Do Husbands Lie To Prove Love?

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Men Lying
Husbands love to lie when they see it pleases you. Men lie because they find it as the most convenient means to please any woman. It is not that women don't lie. But with the only exception that men lie any time while women do it only when necessary.

Men cheat but they forget that while doing so they endanger the most sacred bonds of love that they share with their wives. It takes years to build trust, but moments to shatter the same. Men will lie and you cannot change that. May be its not to cheat you this time, but that's no matter whatsoever.

Want to know why husbands lie to prove love? Keep on reading.

Habit of Lying- Men lie simply because they think that there is nothing bad about it. Some men are born liars. When they find that without having to spend much brains they can please you simply by saying a few good words, they will do it. Men lie and they do not even give it a second thought before doing so. They love to take short cuts to every thing be it their love life or professional life.

Women Do Not Understand- Well this is something that majority of men think. When you ask them why are they late they will simply say that either they were stuck in traffic or had too much of work pressure. But the reality might be something else. Men love sports and if they cannot watch it at home they will make some arrangement outside and lie to you about it. And at the end of the day he will cheat you by saying that, though he wanted to come back early just to see his sweetheart, he failed. They lie to save their face.

Women Cannot Take The Truth- Well men if you think that women cannot take the truth, then you are absolutely wrong. Most men make it an excuse to lie to their partners. Men cheat on their wives and fail to admit the truth. According to them they cannot tell their partners the truth because they love them. But the point is if you are cheating on your wife, where is the love in it? So women do not get cheated by husbands who lie. Rather try to understand the loop holes in his words because he will always try to prove that he is right.

To Fulfill Expectations- Women in general keep many expectations from their husbands. They expect them to accompany them in shopping, take all their trifle whims and fancies, complement them on their beauty etc. But there is rarely a man who can stand all this. So men cheat to impress you and show that how much they love you.

To Prove Their Point- Women might behave very attentively with the husband who lie. Men lie and try to portray an image that they have a reason behind doing as thing. Be it their professional or personal life they are always ready to prove their point. Even when they are proved wrong; they lie to cover up a situation and behave very smartly to twist situations according to their advantage.

Men lie in order to prove love but sometimes they do so only because they want to see you happy.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 21, 2012, 17:52 [IST]
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