5 Things Married Women Won't Admit!

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Being married is like being part of a secret sisterhood. Married women have many secrets. Some are silly, some are sad and some are slightly dirty. It varies from one woman to the other. But there are also some common truths that almost all women hate to admit once they are married. There are minor things about married life, their husbands and the entire concept of marriage altogether.

Here are some of the things that women really don't want to admit after they are married.

Things That Married Women Won't Admit:

1. I am better off married at 28 than single at forty! Most women get an acute sense of satisfaction from their married status when they see their spinster friends. It is like they have achieved the fleeting dream of a family, and home while their friends are still single!

2. My husband is so much better than hers. Most women get a lot of consolation when they see broken marriages and abusive husbands of their friends. It is a weird human feeling that says, 'Thank God I married the right man!' May be it is a bit selfish to feel like that but then, we are all human.

3. I have much more financial freedom than my husband does. This point is strictly for independent, emancipated modern women. She has a fabulous well paying job and total financial independence but being a married women, she probably has fewer financial liabilities. Although women nowadays earn just as well as their husbands, it is the man who is supposed to run the family, make investments, buy a house so on and so forth.

4. I chose well. There is nothing wrong with this statement if you take it literally. But when you scratch the surface, you will see what women really want from marriage. When a married woman says that she has chosen well, it means that she has married a financially well off guy who can take care of all needs. Lets admit it ladies, no one would want to marry a pauper!

5. My husband looks younger than me. Now a days, there is hardly any age difference between spouses as people marry classmates or colleagues. Women age faster than men and it starts showing after 5 years of marriage. As much as women hate to admit, men do look more elegant with grey hair!

What women really want is a very elusive question. As the saying does, no one can see what lies within the heart of a woman because they are very good at keeping secrets. Do you know any other secrets that married women won't share?

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 14:11 [IST]
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