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5 Things Married Men Won't Admit!

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Things Married Men Won't Admit!
Married men are totally a different species when compared to unmarried men. They are more evolved and more difficult to crack through. Pity them or call them lucky, this secret brotherhood of men have their own set of secrets that they do not share with anyone. What men want changes substantially after they get married.

Here are some of the most interesting things about married life that men simply won't admit.

Things Married Men Never Admits...

  1. Its good to see your bed made up. When men return home after a hectic day, they are totally exhausted. At times like these, it feels good to draw comforts from small domestic pleasures. For example, it is good to see a neat and tidy bed that you can crawl into. Men simply hate cleaning up so it is good to have someone clean it for them.
  2. It feels good to come home to someone. You might work late or party till the wee hours of the morning. But, it is never pleasant to come back to an empty home. Men might hate their wife's constant nagging, but it is still comforting to find her sleeping in the bed when they are back home.
  3. My wife is a better cook than my mom. This might not be true in all the cases but we can find many mothers who are not that great cooks. So, it is just a matter of chance, which one you land up with. The point however is that, married men have a loyalty issue in admitting that their wives cooks much better than their moms. So, they always maintain that both mother and wife cook equally well.
  4. It was all a big mistake. Many men get bowled over by a beautiful girl and forget to explore her nature. Unfortunately, the size of her bosom might appeal you for a while but in the end, the size of her brain matters. Men hate to admit their faults and thus, never garner enough courage to say that they have made a mistake in choosing their partners. What men really want is probably to kick themselves hard but they put a brave front and defend their decision to get married.
  5. I would be nothing without my wife. This is not a line from the speech you will give on the occasion of your 25th anniversary. It might as well be a fact within the first year of marriage. A woman makes a man what he is. Your wife might have been that missing ingredient in the recipe for your success. But this is one thing that men won't admit even if they wish to.

These are the 5 things that married men will not admit even if they know deep down, that they are the true facts. Do you know any other facts that men would like to hide?

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