Go On A Married Girls Night Out!

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Commonly we understand 'girls night out' as a party where only girls go without their boyfriends or any male friends. However, the word 'girl' in the concept of 'girls night out' is misleading. More than unmarried girls, married women need to party together. There are many advantages for you to have strong girls gang with whom you can hangout. The most important one is that it allows you to give your partner some space in the relationship.

Here are some of the reasons for which married women should go on girls night outs.

Girls Night Out

Married Girls Night Out:

Release your frustration. Married life is difficult, especially for working women. They have their domestic duties added to high pressure jobs. Instead of taking your frustration out on your poor husband, go out and party with the girls. Crack some seriously offensive 'girl jokes' (poking fun at men), bitch a little about your boss and you will start feeling better on your own.

Live and let live. Men often complain that their wives cling to them and suffocate them. If your husband wants to go out and party with his friends or watch a football match with the guys, then let him. You call your girlfriends over and have a great girls night out at home! Let their be some space in the relationship and you will see how much happier you both are.

Be a harmless flirt. After being married, girls fall out of the habit of checking out guys and flirting casually. When you are out on a girls night out, you can go back to your girlhood giggling and flirting if only for a few hours. This will be a huge boost to your ego.

Blessing in disguise. Just like men discuss women, women discuss men. And if they are married women, then they discuss their 'respective' men, in other words their husband. When you hear about the troubles that your girlfriends have with their husbands, you might actually realise how happy your own marriage is.

Play Love Guru. Each member of your girl gang can be the 'love guru' or relationship expert for the rest. If you have a problem in your marriage that doesn't seem to get resolved, then discuss it with your girlfriends. They might have gone through something similar and can give you some good council.

The moral of the story is that married women must have girlfriends and should go for girls night outs. It makes life easier for them and their husbands.

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