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If A Couple Had A Fight, They Would..

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Couple Fight
When couples fight and then go out with friends together, they give certain cold vibes to each other. You might not understand unless you glance closely at them. Sometimes, it can be interesting to note the body language of a couple just after a fight because they unconsciously give out clues about their tiff with their partners.

Here are some of the things that indicates that a couple had a fight and are trying hard to hide it while socialising.

When Couples Fight...

1. Fake Display Of Affection: If a normally balanced married couple are trying very hard to look happy, then they have come to a party after a fight. When a couple have smiles on their faces but their eyes are cold, then it means that they are trying to cover up the turmoil within.

2. Pretend Not to Know Each Other: The other extreme is to ignore each other totally. Sometimes, in malls or movie theatres, you see couples walking away from each other. In fact, you do not realise that they are a couple until they get into the same car! A sure shot sign stating that they just had a fight.

3. Land Up At Friends Place: If your friend turns up unannounced at your place without the spouse at 8 in the evening, you can be assured that your friend had a fight. When a couple fight, they try to avoid each other and seek solace in their friends.

4. A Pillow On The Couch:
Suppose you end up at your friend's place suddenly and see a lone pillow on the couch. The pillow is disposed off immediately with some lame excuse for its presence on the couch.

5. The Poor Kid Gets The Flak: It is very common for couples to use their kids as messengers when they are not talking to each other after a fight. The kid will either be relaying messages between mother and father or would be shouted at from both the ends. So unfair, isn't it?

It is normal for couples to have a fight. Only when they try to hide it, they make it more evident. Do you know any other signs which indicate that a couple has fought?

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Story first published: Thursday, April 26, 2012, 12:37 [IST]
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