Expectations After 30 Years Of Marriage!

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After 30 Years Of Marriage
When you get married, everything looks good and loving. You are at cloud 9 and feel that nothing is more important than loving your partner. There is not just exchange of love but expectations also raise in individual minds. When you are newly married, you get all the desired attention from your partner but with passage of years, you both get lost in responsibilities. So, what do couples expect 30 after marriage when responsibilities have changed you two? Find out...

Expectations after 30 years of marriage:

Time: Even in hectic life, couples expect to spend time with each other after having dinner. This is the best time to relax while watching television together. Whole day, you two get involved with office and household work. Take out little time for your partner when you two are free. Observe to get clear idea on free timings. Utilise it. Make your partner know you still love him/her.

Interest: You should have the same interest in your spouse as you had in the beginning of marriage. Time may change but expectations never die! Your spouse still expects you too show interest. Even if you are busy with your work or stressed with office pressure, show little interest when your wife is talking to you. Show how interested you are in her silly gossip or love talks! The man can appreciate her new hairstyle and a wife can comment on the new shirt/tie of her husband.

Surprises: Couples expect surprises. This keeps the romance alive. It should not be done on a regular basis. To keep the charm of surprise alive, sometimes get few gifts for your spouse. Even a rose can work great! After 30 years of marriage, the spouse's expectations might not be that romantic as it was in the beginning of the marriage. But he/she would like it when you surprise and bring back lost romance. Somewhere, sometimes, your partner would expect to get surprises from you.

Love: Obviously, this is the most important expectation every couple would have even after 30 years of marriage. You spouse would expect you to love him/her in the same way and craze as it was in the beginning. The fact is, you might not accept but you are used to be with your partner and the love has increased in the years of togetherness. All you need to do is express!

These are few common expectations couples have after 30 years of marriage! Gradually you will get more time to spend with your partner as the age of retirement is coming close. Plan accordingly and start picking up for the days or months when you couldn't help your wife while she was busy growing up kids.

Story first published: Thursday, February 16, 2012, 17:32 [IST]
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