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Should You Fear Marriage?

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Fear Of Marriage
As soon as you break the news of your marriage to your already married friends, the first thing that you hear is "Oh my God! You are getting married." A very popular notion says that "Men fear marriage". But, this is completely wrong as both women and men fear marriage in their own ways.

When you are dating, you look for some one who is a marriage material. But, as soon as you get the marriage proposal you get scared of marriage. Fear of marriage among young people is very common. Some people are scared of marriage because they consider it as a social trap.

Is there really any reason to be afraid of marriage? What are the reasons that make you fear marriage? Let's find out.

Scared Of Responsibilities- Most men and women are scared of the new load of responsibilities that is going to befall them after getting married. Before marriage they used to be taken care of and after marriage, its them who have to take care of others. From the pampered girl or boy, they suddenly have to transform themselves into responsible men and women.

Scared Of Adjustments- The first key to a successful marriage is a lot of adjustment. Adjustment with your life partner, adjustment with a new atmosphere, and the most important of all; adjustment with your in laws is what you have to do. Adjusting with in laws is what everyone fears the most, especially girls. The in laws in some cases go all head over heels to trouble you. But, this is always not the case. Of course adjustment with a new family and making them your own needs time. But, trust me its definitely your cup of tea. Just give relationships their own time and you will find it blossoming.

Joint Decisions- After marriage its never 'you' or 'me'. Its always 'us'. Whether its anything you do or any decision you make, its always the two of you taking a call jointly and not you as a single person. If you think of carrying on your single life habits even after marriage then its only going to usher problems in your relationship. Be it monetary or psychological, any decision that you need to take must be with consultation of each other. This does not mean loss of freedom, but it only means some respect towards each others feelings and decision.

Scared Of A Bad Marriage- Some people are scared of marriage because they are afraid of a bad marriage. Any example of a bad marriage before them be it their parents, friends or any relative sets a bad example before them and they are afraid of repeating the same. But, remember that all marriages are not unhappy, in fact most are not. Many people spend a happy married life and you too can be one of them.

Afraid That Their Partner Would Change- It is a most common notion that things change after marriage. People fear that not only their partner but, the chemistry that they share changes after getting married. Well there is nothing to fear marriage because of this reason. Everything in this world changes, nothing is permanent. The only thing that doesn't change but increase with time is the love that you share with your partner.

You definitely should not fear marriage because of these reasons as they are really trifle and can be easily handled with a little bit of love and understanding. So, do no be afraid of marriage. Rather go for it if you have found the right life partner.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 19, 2012, 14:37 [IST]
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