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Single Mothers Should Socialize To Feel Happier!

By Nandhini Devi

Being a single mother is not an unusual. In fact more women, prefer to lead life without their partners and also enjoy taking up the responsibility of growing their child. However, it is not all easy, when you are a single mother.

Many social taboos, pressure from parents and relatives, extra responsibilities (working and taking care of the child) and loneliness, makes life quite difficult for a single mother. But does that mean that single mothers cannot socialize or have fun? No, it's definitely possible.

Easy tips for a single mother to socialize;

1.Most single women stay away from socializing, as they are not sure about who will take their place in their absence and take care of their children. Try to check with your immediate family (parents, relatives) or neighbors or friends who you think might baby-sit for you. Most of the times there is someone or the other to fill the gap.

2.Join single mom forums on the internet, interact with other moms and find how they cope with their situation. Take information about babysitting services etc. and use them the next time you plan an outing with your pals.

3.Sometimes meeting friends might be beneficial to your children too. They too will understand that mommy can feel happy and let herself go free. They too will feel encouraged, break out of the shell.

4.Learn to allot time for yourself. Socializing does not indicate only go out with friends or going out on a date. It can also include your pursuing a hobby too. Try not stretch too long at work, or spend all the time at home in housekeeping. Change your schedule such that you get at least a couple of hours for yourself.

5.Indulge in activities you did as a college girl, surely you did not splurge in your younger days, as the money you got from your parents was also relatively lesser. Try visiting clubs on girl's night out, window shop with your pal, go to book stores, browse books or just stroll around the park. These are sure ways to get yourself off a hectic schedule, without spending too much.

6.Remove any guilty thoughts from your mind. Do not feel that if you go to a movie or have drink with your friends, you are being disloyal to your kids. Pursue your interests and get out and meet your friends, there might be a fresh breather into your life that will motivate you to get more stronger.

7.Be bold and try to know new people. But take care to know well about the other person well before you proceed. The prospect of meeting might be very exciting, but you need to check first, so that the other person does not hurt you in any way.

By just devoting all your time to taking care of your little family, you are not going to do any good to yourself or your children. Not socializing at all might have a negative impact on your child or children. So, break free from the shackles and learn to live your life to the full.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 3, 2011, 18:09 [IST]