How To Keep Love After Marriage Alive?

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Love After Marriage
Love after marriage becomes routine like the rest of things in love. It is taken for granted or assumed that both spouses love each other. People are so caught up in their marriage problems that they do not find time to discover new ways to show love. However, showing love is more important post marriage than prior to it. Before marriage you are bound to each other by trivialities but after marriage your relationship is a life long commitment; which one requires more effort according to you?

Here some ways to show love after marriage that that will keep the fire burning on both sides.

Tips To Keep Love After Marriage Alive:

1. Write Love Letters: It is not like no body has a long distance marriage. These days with both partners busy with their careers they might well be placed in different cities that gives you the perfect excuse to write love letters. If not you can also write letters to each other and leave it on your kitchen table. It makes the other person feel special and makes your relationship too a special one. It is very intimate form o communication.

2. Date Night: You two must have dated in your courtship period. Why should you stop dating just because you are staying together now? We don't mean a dinner; it should be a date. You put on your best clothes and go out on a date. It is the perfect excuse to keep your marriage problems behind and have fun in a carefree way like you used to.

3. Insist On Mini Honeymoons Together: Not everybody can take long vacations with the amount of work pressure we have. Even if you get the leaves you may have spend it with the entire family. Go on weekend trips together so that you two can have your own time.

4. Buy Surprise Gifts: Surprises are the best way to keep love after marriage alive. After marriage when even your bank accounts and credit cards are shared, it becomes difficult to keep things secret. So when you actually take the effort to surprise your spouse, you'll be taking a huge step forward.

5. Every Anniversary Is A New Beginning: Your marriage anniversary is a very important day in your relationship. Discuss all your marriage problems in the year gone past on this day and do so amicably. Once discussed consider them erased from your memory. Begin on a fresh note like a newly married couple every year.

6. Do Silly Things: Sometimes its boring to be all matured and understanding. You have to do some silly and childish things to make your spouse laugh. You could make him wear a jokers cap for his birthday or gift her a cute soft toy! It really works.

Use these relationship tips to keep love after marriage alive.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 28, 2011, 16:27 [IST]
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