How To Deal With An Alcoholic Husband?

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Alcoholic Husband
Any normal person would tell you that if your husband is alcoholic then there is no end to your problems. However, no one knows better than you what the unique problems of living with an alcoholic are. It is true that marriages are riddled with complications once one of the spouses becomes alcoholic but it is not impossible to deal with an alcoholic person. If you too are going through marriage problems due to alcoholism then there are some basic things you need to do.

Here are some marriage tips to help you deal with the pressure of living with an alcoholic.

Tips To Deal With Alcoholic Husband:

  • First and foremost, recognise the signs of alcoholism. We are not talking about social drinking or catching up with friends over drinks. An alcoholic person will not able to stay away from drinking for more than a day or two. The best way to know is to prevent him from drinking and see how he reacts. If he reacts violently then he is definitely an alcoholic.
  • Alcoholism also has psycho-somatic reactions. If his hands shake persistently or he appears nervous or jittery, sweats unnecessarily then he may be on an alcohol abuse spree.
  • Drinking alone is a sign of depression. It is one thing to drink in a group of friends, quite another to sit at home alone and drink. If your husband drinks alone then you have to stop him from doing that. Stop whatever you are doing and give him company. Divert his attention from drinking. If you pick up the signs of alcoholism early then you have a higher probability of saving your marriage.
  • The most common side effect of an alcoholic husband is violence. In that state of intoxication, any kind of reaction is extreme. If you anger him, he will probably turn on you. It is better to sleep it off and argue with him next morning when he is in his senses.
  • If your husband is alcoholic and drunk then all the tears you shed on explaining your troubles to him will be wasted. Never try to talk to him into sense when he is drunk. He is not himself and probably not even remember next morning.
  • If you think it is the your social circle that is responsible for making your husband alcoholic then sever all ties with them. Move out of any group that encourages alcoholism. If it is specifically your husband friends who have this problem then you have to stop him from meeting them. Make sure he attends no social functions where you are not present.
  • You will face opposition from your husband while taking these steps but you have to sweet talk him into agreeing with you. You need not explicitly tell your husband he is alcoholic but talk to him about the consequences on your family life.

These tips will help you in living with an alcoholic and changing him.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 16:24 [IST]
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