Happy Relationship In Six Magical Factors

By A Mixed Nerve

It is generally believed that all is well in a relationship until the first 6 months and then is the time the problem starts. A marriage starts only after the honeymoon period is over. However, is all that true?

The answer lies with you yourself. Your relationship can be a happy or sad one, according to the way you handle it. A relationship is always positive, but the problem is always created by us.

happy relationship

No relationship is evil or problematic unless one of the partners is responsible for the same. We cannot speak for certain that he/she is the sole problem. The relationship is for each other and by being together.

The secret of a happy relationship lies in two words, simplicity and understanding.

Let's see the different factors that make up for a happy relationship.

1. Being Friends

A best friend is always a good partner. Thus, even if you are a couple, don't let the friendship between you die.

In friendship, we enjoy a certain frankness, the liberty to misbehave and patch up, an understanding of both negative and positive points and the most important thing - a doubtless relation.

If the same things are maintained in a couple, the relationship will be happy.

2. Touch

Human touch has a great significance in the portrayal of love.

This should never go missing. Hug each other when happy or in pain. A pat can mean a lot to your partner. Your touch tells that you care and understand. The sensation of touch is one of the most intimate factors.

It helps create intimacy in the relationship at a very deep level.

3. Say That You Love

In the course of time, we stop using the magical words, 'I Love You'. Remember the moment when you had shivered to speak out these three words and the smile which you saw when you said it.

That will always remain the most special moment. Say 'I Love You' to each other often. It makes the other person happy and content.

It makes you feel satisfied too.

4. Clear The Doubts

Doubt is what kills a happy relationship. Don't let it come in the way of your happiness. When you are possessive, you tend to doubt, but clear it to avoid further misunderstanding and don't let others create a doubt in your mind for your partner.

5. Discuss Your Day-to-Day Activity

It may seem a very trivial thing to discuss what you did the whole day, but this is a very good stress buster.

It is said that speaking out all that is in your mind to someone close to you de-stresses you and also enhances the bond of the relationship. Remember, communication is the key to a happy relationship and in order to do so, you need to talk about the daily pieces of stuff that you do.

Do not think that it is unworthy conversing about the ideas of the day-to-day activities. It actually helps in the long run where you get to know about the hassles faced by your partner.

6. Confess Mistakes

Mistakes are bound to happen by a human being.

If you confess your mistake to the person you love, you will feel better and get rid of guilt. It also assures happy relationship because it gets you closer and dependent on each other.

It's a beautiful way to confess that your partner is important for you. Mistakes keep happening and we can't avoid it. But confessing to the mistakes that you did says that the relationship means a lot to you and by talking about the mistakes you did, you do not become vulnerable but you let your partner understand and trust you more.

So, these 6 factors assure you a happy relationship. It not only maintains the relationship but also gives happiness to each other. Following these six factors will definitely push your relationship to the next level of happiness, where you and your partner would rely on each other without having a single issue in life.

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