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Couple Conflict Cures Goes Online

Couple Conflict
The biggest reason of fights among married couples is conflict and answer to this problem had not been discovered yet until a US researcher came up with a site called, 'Couple Conflict Consultant'.

This site utilizes a personalized approach, instead of forcing participants into a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

"The web site helps participants discover their own personal style to conflict resolution. It lets participants understand advantages and disadvantages of different techniques and sort through many options that are available for building strong communication with their partner.

"It''s one of the few programs on the Internet that does that," Sanford, an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at Baylor who designed the web site, said." he said.

Once logged into the Couple Conflict Consultant, participants are given a questionnaire assessment of a current or recent conflict with their partner.

The assessment gives scores on 14 important areas of conflict resolution.
These scores identify the participants' strengths and weaknesses in relationship and provide guidance in developing conflict resolution techniques in relationship.

The scores also help a participant resolve a particular conflict and introduce them to all the reasons of their conflict and all the aspects which cause conflict in relationship. The feedback gives recommendations on areas to address for improved conflict resolution.

Participants also have access to information on conflict resolution and techniques that can be used to develop specific skills.

Story first published: Monday, March 15, 2010, 14:33 [IST]
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