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Why People Lie While Dating Online: Real-Life Stories Of People

Think about a situation where you are going to meet the person you have met online a few days ago. You wear your best clothes, apply a pleasant fragrance and have rehearsed the lines that you would be saying when you meet that person. You reach the venue. As soon as you spot your date, your smiling face turns out to be a shocking face. Because you notice that the person whom you have been chatting to is different than what he/she claimed to be. The person looks quite older than what he/she said.

At that point in time, you must be confused and might feel betrayed.

Well, this can happen with any one of us. Since online dating may or may not involve meeting in person in the initial days, chances are that people lie about themselves.

Shruti (21) a student from Delhi shared her experience with Boldsky, "I met a man on Facebook and the initial chatting turned out to be quite addictive. We started dating each other. The man claimed to be 22 years old and said he worked in a bank. When I asked him to meet he would deny saying he was busy or was out of the town. I grew suspicious and asked him to have a video call but he never showed his face."

"One day I secretly went to his address and I was shocked to see him. He was between 32-35 years. When I asked him strictly, he said he 'wanted to have some fun in his life' and was scared that if he revealed his true age, he would get rejected."

Another story is of Anita (20) from Patna who met a boy on a social media platform. The boy and Anita had a mutual friend through which the boy had approached Anita. They started chatting with each other on the social media platform and eventually exchanged numbers.

Later Anita came to know the boy had lied about his name, job, address and told many other lies. "He never paid a visit and would show no interest in letting me know about his age and his job. Moreover, he denied sharing his pictures," she recalls.

Tired of his blatant lies and denial, Anita ended the relationship. According to her, "the boy just wanted a fling and therefore, didn't feel the need to disclose his genuine details."

Rohit (25) from Delhi said to Boldsky, "I met my current girlfriend on a social media platform and we started to chat with each other. When we started dating, she won't disclose her address and denied meeting in person. However, we shared pictures and other whereabouts but she had the fear of what if I turned out to be deceptive. Eventually, we met and now she is absolutely fine."

So from the aforementioned experiences, we can say, people, lie while dating online due to the following reasons:

1. Insecure About Their Physical Appearance

People might feel insecure about their physical appearance and think they might get rejected if they disclose their real age. These people will deny sharing photographs. They will mention their age quite less than their real age.

2. Willing To Have Only A Casual Relationship

Sometimes people might not be interested in having a serious relationship. For this reason, they might not feel the need to disclose their genuine details. These people might speak truth after some time but this way they hurt their online dating partner if he/she comes to know about the lies.

3. Having Security Concerns

Some people might be concerned for themselves and won't feel comfortable to share their details. They might do this for their security reasons and would reveal their details only when they are sure about the people they have been dating online.

Disclaimer: The names and identifying details have been changed to maintain the privacy of the individuals.

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