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13 Tips That Can Come Handy, If You Are Going On A First Date

We are sure you are aware of the famous quote, 'The first impression is the last impression'. This indeed is true and applies to almost every situation, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. But one can not deny that first dates can be a bit intimidating, especially when you are meeting for the first time. At times, people end up messing their first dates due to various reasons. People often browse ways to make their first dates memorable or seek advice from their friends.

Therefore, we thought of bringing some easy and handy first date tips that can make your first date special and memorable? Scroll down to read more:


1. Be Positive And Stay Calm

The first and foremost thing before going on a date is to stay calm and positive. If needed, you can call your best friend or someone you know can help you in staying calm. You can also meditate for a few minutes before leaving for the date or involve yourself in things that make you feel relaxed.


2. Wear A Nice Outfit

The outfit that you are wearing on your first date plays a major role in making your first date memorable. It is advisable that you wear comfy and clean clothes. It is better to choose a dress that suits the location and occasion. This way you will be able to make a nice impression on your first date.


3. Choose A Perfect Location

Wouldn't it be great to head to a place where both of you can make some new memories? If both of you are going on a lunch date, it is better to go for a mutually-decided restaurant. You can also think of going to a park, brewery, amusement park, etc. to make your first date memorable. Make sure both of you are able to reach the place without much hassle.


4. Avoid Being Too Late

It is really a bad idea to keep someone waiting for hours, especially if it is your first date. Being late on your first date is no less than disrespecting your partner and showing that you do not value someone's time. But if you are stuck somewhere or feel you won't be able to reach on time, then it is better to inform them.


5. Breathe And Breathe To Let Go Anxiety

As soon as you spot him/her, just take a deep breath. Meeting your potential partner for the first time can make you a bit nervous but breathing can help you in calming down your nerves. The more you breathe in a calm way, the better you will feel.


6. Greet Him/Her In A Polite Manner

Once you have taken a deep breath, the next thing you can do is greet him or her in a polite yet warm manner. Make the person feel that you are actually interested in meeting him/her. But that doesn't mean you have to give him/her a tight hug along with a kiss. Just extend your hand for a firm and good handshake. Introduce yourself and compliment him/her.

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7. Initiate Conversation With Light Topics

Now that both of you have greeted each other and taken your respective seats, it is the time to start the conversation. For this, you can go on with a light topic such as if he or she likes the place, where did they get their shoes from or if they would like to taste some wine. You can also talk about entertainment, fictional characters, movies and sports.


8. Keep Aside Your Phone

Checking your phone all the time while your date is talking to you, is quite disrespectful. It shows you are not interested in being with your partner. Even if you do not find the person interesting, try to show some courtesy and keep your phone aside, at least when he/she is talking about something.


9. Avoid Bringing Up Sensitive Topics

Though politics, government policies, poverty, religions, etc. are some topics that one may not be able to avoid. But then you are on your first date and bringing up these topics may become a huge turn-off. These topics may bring a sense of disagreement. Even if you were able to impress your partner in the first few minutes, talking on these topics can spoil the moment.


10. Use Your Sense Of Humour

If you are blessed with a good sense of humour, then how about showcasing it a bit on your first date? Try making your partner laugh with your jokes and witty statements. You can also narrate some funny incidents from your early life to lighten up the moment and let your partner enjoy the moment with you.


11. Let Him/Her Speak

Just because you initiated the conversation or you were given the opportunity to speak, doesn't mean you won't shut your mouth. You may seem to be a self-obsessed and talkative person. Allow your partner to speak too on the first date. Ask him/her some questions related to their career, hobbies, likes and dislikes.


12. Be A Good Listener

Being a good listener can definitely earn you some extra brownie points as people love when someone listens to them. Even if you are not interested in listening to what he or she is saying, it is advisable to be calm and patient. This can help you in developing a deep connection. Interrupting him/her in mid of the sentence can be a rude thing to do.


13. Offer To Split The Bill

It is a good gesture to offer to split the bill when you are going on the first date. If you are offering to split the bill, make sure you are not pretending. If your partner insists on paying the bill himself/herself, be polite and thank them for their sweet gesture. You can then offer them an ice-cream or coffee date and then you can pay the bill.

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Nobody is perfect in this world and therefore, chances are that you may commit some mistakes on your first date. But you don't have to worry much about it. Just keep these above-mentioned tips in your mind. Believe in yourself and give your best on your date.
All the best!!!

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