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Getting Decked Up For Your First Date? 7 Questions To Ask Your Partner

Your mind must be crowded with many thoughts if you are going on a date for the first time. You may be busy getting decked up, nervous even how to break the ice while sitting in front of each other.

Even if you have successfully managed to impress your partner over calls or messages before meeting him or her in person, you will definitely agree on one thing that a wrong step might ruin the whole thing. One can surely extract information regarding a person with the help of social media platforms, but knowing a person completely requires having a face-to-face meeting.

To make your life easy, we have listed down a few questions that you can ask your partner on the first date. Getting an answer to these questions will surely help you in breaking the ice and knowing what kind of person your partner is.

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1. Ask Them What They Do In Their Spare Time


This is a very safe question to break the ice and initiate a conversation. Instead of asking about his routine directly, you can ask what he/she does in their spare time. This is a question that nobody will deny to answer. Through this, you will have a brief idea of how he utilises time.

2. Ask Them For How Long They Have Been Working?


This is not a job interview, so in between, you can also tell your partner to ask something that they would like to know about you. By asking this and the way h/she will answer, whether your partner is taking care of their own expenses. This way you will also be able to know if the person is passionate about his or her work or not.

3. Ask Them Whether They Like Their Work


Moving ahead and asking if your partner hates or likes his or her work can be a subtle way of knowing their current state of mind. If he/she is finding it difficult to cope with their job then you can give them some valuable suggestions. This will make a way for better bonding between you and your partner.

Moreover, you will be able to know if your partner can handle stress or not or is a happy-go-lucky person.

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4. What Is Your Favourite Movie Genre


If you are and your partner are movie buffs then consider it a match made in heaven. Exploring the likes and dislikes of your partner will help you to know your partner more efficiently. You can start by asking what kind of movies and television he/she likes to watch. This way you will be able to know if both of you have a similar taste or not.

You can also ask about his or her favourite fictional character and the reason behind liking it.

5. Ask Them How Close Are They With Their Family


Remember if a person fails to take care of his/her parents, there is no way they can take care of their partner. Try to spend some more time around this question and know more about his nature. Also, it will make your partner feel that you are actually interested in him or her, else why will anyone bother to ask about their family and friends? Moreover, this question will help you in knowing if your partner is a family-oriented person or not.

You can also ask about his or her friends and show your interest in meeting them the next time. Thus, you will be giving subtle hints to your partner that you are actually interested in him or her.

6. Ask Them Their Favourite Holiday Destination


By now if you are quite impressed by your date then you can ask this question. Well, this is not just a question but a hint that you would love to spend a vacation with him or her. If your partner says that he or she hasn't been to many places and is looking forward to exploring holiday destination then you can play your cards right by asking him or her to come along with you.

Or you can ask him or her to accompany you on the next trip or vacation. Isn't it a cool move?

7. Ask Them What Qualities They Want In Their Partner


Most people have some expectations from their partners. Before getting serious for each other, it is better to know the expectation of your partner. You too can tell your expectations and let him or her know what you have been looking forward to. This way you can know if both of you are on the same page or not.

These Are A Complete No-No If You Are Planning To Go On A Date

Well, there are numerous questions to ask your partner on the first date. But these questions are something which will not only help you in breaking the ice but also in knowing your partner in a better way. But, while asking these questions, it is also your responsibility to make sure that you do not force your partner to answer any of these if he or she is not comfortable.

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