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9 Stay-At-Home Date Ideas To Try During This Coronavirus Lockdown

With the extension of the nation-wide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are all compelled to stay in our respective homes. People are trying to come up with various ideas to kill boredom during this COVID-19 outbreak and also ensure the safety of themselves and others. Some of them are trying their hands in cooking while others are upgrading their skills. When it comes to relationships and dating, couples aren't untouched by the lockdown and its never-ending boredom. All those plans of going on numerous dates, holiday trips, parties, etc seem to have lost somewhere. But that doesn't mean you can plan something romantic with your partner.

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If you are wondering how it can be possible then you can go through the below-mentioned tips. These are some cool stay at home date ideas while staying indoors during this lockdown.


1. Plan A Candle Light Dinner On Terrace

You might have planned to take your partner for a candlelight dinner. You can think of making it happen even in this lockdown too. All you would need is to prepare food and arrange the candlelight dinner set up. For the set up you can make the best use of your garden, terrace or even the balcony. With some scented candles, flower petals and soft music in the background, you can make your candlelight dinner a memorable one.


2. Give Each Other A Nice And Relaxing Massage

Work from home and not much physical movement as before can make your back hurt at times. You may wish to have a relaxing massage but going out for the same in this lockdown can be a terrible idea. So why not you and your partner give each other a nice and relaxing massage? This way you will be able to feel better and be romantic towards your partner for some good reasons.


3. Play Some Board Games With Each Other

If you are already bored and are desperately waiting for the lockdown to end soon then how about playing some board games with your significant other? Board games are really fun and interesting to play, especially with your partner. You can also have some couples trivia games throughout the night. There are so many online games that you can play with your partner. Trust us, you will have an awesome moment with your partner.


4. Go Through The Old Photographs

This lockdown can be a great way to recall beautiful memories by revisiting those lanes. Take out the photo albums and go through the nostalgia where you made some beautiful memories. If you are a married couple, then go through your wedding videos and pictures. Or if you went on a trip long ago, then you can cherish those memories as well.

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5. Prepare Your Partner’s Favourite Food

During this lockdown, you can think of surprising your partner with his/her favourite food. After all, food can make anyone feel happy. Even if you aren't proficient in cooking, you can take the help of Google to prepare a delicious recipe for your better half. You can also think of making a tasty salad, milkshake, some crunchy snacks or a dessert for your partner. Your partner will definitely love your gesture.


6. Plan A Movie Night At Your Place

It is obvious that you won't be able to go for any movie as nearly everything is temporarily under shut down. But that doesn't mean all you can do is sit and wait for this lockdown to end. This is because you can happily plan a movie night at your place. You can decide some good movies to watch, arrange some snacks, put some comfortable cushions and switch off the lights to make your movie night perfect.


7. Make A Confession To Your Partner

What could be more romantic than making a confession to your partner? Let your partner know the amount of love your heart carries for him/her. For this, you can pen down a nice letter or make a beautiful card. You can also confess about the times when you were alone but had the support of your favourite being. Try not to make it cheesy and fake by adding some pickup lines.


8. Bring Out Some Creativity Through Painting

If you are feeling bored due to your daily routine and looking for something exciting to do then why don't you try your hands on painting? We are not asking you to compete with Picasso but you can at least try making something with brushes and colours. If not painting, then you can try your hand at sketching and drawing. Both of you can think of making something extremely beautiful and vibrant in this lockdown.


9. Organise An Indoor Picnic

Going on a picnic is always fun but coronavirus has compelled us to stay in our respective homes. In such a situation going on a picnic sounds ridiculous, isn't it? But did you know that you can actually plan an indoor picnic at your home? You can make some toasts, boiled eggs, salads, read some books to each other and talk on various topics. You can plan this picnic on your terrace, in your balcony or garden. With cushions and quilts, your picnic can be really interesting.

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Instead of sitting glued to your mobile screen or TV, you can actually try these above-mentioned stay-at-home dating ideas to make your lockdown memorable and interesting.

Stay Home Stay Safe!!!

Story first published: Saturday, April 18, 2020, 17:58 [IST]