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9 Ways Through Which You Can Utilise The Lockdown In Strengthening Your Relationship

Amidst the severe outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, people are supposed to stay at their homes and avoid going out, if not necessary. Many countries across the world have imposed lockdown in their various cities. Doctors, experts and leaders across the world have urged the people to stay indoors and follow the preventive measures. But staying in quarantine is not that easier. Quarantine may make you feel stressed out and bored as this is not the kind of life humans are used to. One might be overwhelmed by emotional turmoil and mood swings.

But do you know you can utilise this quarantine for strengthening your bond with your partner? You can do certain things to make your relationship stronger than before. If you are thinking how then scroll down the article to find out the ways in which you can make the best out of your relationship.

1. Be An Emotional Support For Each Other

It is likely to get disappointed after seeing people across the world suffering from the COVID-19. After all, it is no doubt a scary situation for all of us. In such a situation, you need to ensure that you and your partner are supporting each other emotionally. You can pacify your partner by telling your partner that you are together during this tough time and he/she doesn't have to worry about it. Let your partner feel that problems can be sorted when you have your loved ones with you.


2. Find Opportunities To Develop Emotional Intimacy

This is self-quarantine is a great opportunity where you can develop some emotional intimacy. This is because you can work on your relationship and ensure if both of you are emotionally connected. For this, you can sit together and have an effective conversation. You can help each other in different work and cook together. You can discuss your problems and find solutions together. Emotional intimacy will further help you to strengthen your relationship.


3. Help Each Other To Cope With Stress

As said above, one may feel stressed after seeing people worldwide falling prey to the deadly infection. Moreover, since you are left with no option but to stay indoors and keep yourself safe, you may feel stressed after not being able to work efficiently. Instead of feeling stressed out due to the pandemic and lockdown, you can help each other in coping with the stress. Be with each other and do things to lighten up each other's mood.


4. Do Things To Keep Boredom At Bay

Since you are in self-quarantine and are supposed to stay indoors for as long as things get better, boredom is obvious. You and your partner may get bored off easily. Therefore, how about doing things to keep boredom at bay? For this, you can binge-watch your favourite show or cook some delicious recipe. You can also give each other a nice massage or play some indoor games. This way you can make the best out of your time.


5. Develop Some Common Hobby

So this is the time when you can explore some new hobbies such as both of you can learn knitting, painting, dancing, sketching, etc. For this, you don't have to go out and join some hobby classes. Instead, you can stay inside and learn some new things from online sources. If you are bored with your old bedsheets, then make a beautiful mat or draw some beautiful designs on them. Remember to encourage your partner to be a part of it.


6. Take A Tour To Memory Lanes

Utilise these quarantine days to revisit your memory lanes. You can go through the old photographs and videos of the sweet moments that you spent together. This will not only help you in enjoying your time but will also refresh your memories. Cherishing some beautiful and sweet memories is one of the best things one can do.


7. Practice Yoga And Meditation

We won't say that yoga and meditation can help you in fighting against coronavirus. But it will surely help you in staying calm and lower down your stress level. You can surely keep away the negative thoughts out of mind through yoga and meditation. Try doing yoga and meditation along with your partner. This way both of you will be able to gain peace of mind together.


8. Be More Romantic Towards Each Other

While you were going through the busy and hectic work schedule, you might have secretly wished for spending some time together with your partner. So now when you have this quarantine, why not be more romantic towards each other? You could arrange a date with your partner while staying indoors. Prepare your partner's favourite meal and light some scented candles to woo your partner. Also, you can cuddle and have some foreplay while staying indoors with your partner.


9. Avoid Going Out Unnecessarily

Since the entire world is facing COVID-19 pandemic, it is highly important that you avoid going out unnecessarily. You need to understand that if you go out, you may be at high risk of catching the infection. This way you will not only affect yourself but also your partner. Let your partner know that you care about him/her and for the family.

There are many ways through which you can utilise this time to spend more time with your partner. Whatever you do, make sure you make this self-quarantine, a memorable time for each other. This way you will be able to strengthen your relationship and keep the spark alive even in this tough time.