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8 Good Relationship Habits That People May Consider To Be Toxic

Let's get one thing straight, having a strong and healthy relationship is not an easy cakewalk. Couples need to put an equal amount of effort into the relationship. Therefore, they do various things to ensure their relationship is going smooth. There can be times when you may unintentionally hurt or objectify your partner and his/her sentiments. Or you may consider even a good habit to be a toxic one.

This is when it becomes necessary to ensure if you are putting the right efforts in the relationship or not. Therefore we thought of listing down some good habits in a relationship that are often confused to be a toxic one.

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1. Making Constructive Criticism

Though nobody is fond of receiving complaints, at times it can be good to make constructive criticism about each other. When you and your partner point each other's flaws in a constructive way, it helps both of you to improve yourself and bring out the best in you. While you are complaining about each other with a positive intention, you need to ensure there's enough room for both of you to make and receive complaints.


2. Avoiding Arguments

It's high time when we need to accept that at some time ignoring some arguments is the best ways to save your relationship. You need to understand that there are some conflicts that can't be resolved and therefore, it is okay to avoid such discussions. However, you should apologise to your partner and ensure that there's no misunderstanding in your relationship.


3. Spending Some Me-Time

Spending some time apart doesn't mean you are being selfish in your relationship or if you do not want to be with your partner. In fact, it is necessary to spend some time apart from each other as your world doesn't revolve only around your partner. You can go on a trips with friends, work out or read a book, to ensure there's still fun and spark in your relationship.


4. Setting Boundaries

Different people have different needs so it is possible thatwhat seems right to you may not seem the same for your partner. Therefore, setting up boundaries to ensure no conflicts arises in your relationship, can be really a good thing.


5. Walking Away While Arguing

At times when you and your partner are arguing, you may get overwhelmed by the emotions or may find it difficult to breathe. In such situations, you may find it better to walk away from an argument. It is better to go out and calm down yourself if the fight becomes severe. Fighting like cats and dogs and causing damage to your relationship is never a wise thing to do. At least, walking away for a while can help you to put an end to the conflicts.


6. Giving Priority To Someone Or Somethinng

You must have heard people saying, 'your partner is your first priority.' Well, prioritizing something or someone else over your partner doesn't make you wrong. You may fight for a noble cause, take care of your family or spend some me time with yourself, and that doesn't make you a bad person.


7. Accepting Each Other's Flaws

Let's accept the reality that no human is perfect as everyone has some flaws. Expecting your partner to be the best human ever or change his/her behaviour to make you happy forever, is not a good thing to do. If you think finding flaws in your partner can be a helpful thing to do, then you may be wrong. Accepting your partner's flaws and imperfection and helping him/her to evolve into a better human is one of the best things in a relationship.


8. Having Different Friends

Being in a relationship doesn't mean you and your partner need to have same friend circle. You can have different friends and that has nothing to do with your love life. Having different friends can actually help you in expressing yourself in a better way and being who you are. Moreover, you will be able to give enough space to each other.

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As long as your partner isable to resolve the differences in a better and effective way, you can keep misunderstandings and conflicts at bay. Even if you are having several imperfections, things can be better if you and your partner focus more on the positive aspects.

Story first published: Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 14:00 [IST]
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