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8 Signs There's No Emotional Intimacy In Your Relationship

A relationship is all about love, respect, support and mutual understanding. Apart from this, intimacy is also one of the important aspects of a relationship. Now, when we talk about intimacy, it isn't only about the physical relationships and the things you do under the sheets. In fact, it is also about the emotional intimacy between you and your partner. Emotional intimacy ensures how well you are emotionally connected with your partner.

There are some couples who do not trust each other or are unable to share their problems and difficulties with each other. One of the reasons behind this could be the absence of emotional intimacy between the couple. go through these signs to know if your relationship lacks emotional intimacy.

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1. You Do Not Share Each Other's Problems

This is one of the most obvious signs that you and your partner do not share emotional intimacy. You may hesitate in sharing your problems with your partner, as you may think your partner won't understand you or would judge you.

Sharing problems with each other is one of the best ways to help someone in solving the problems and challenges of life. Also, you will be able to maintain a transparency level in your relationship.


2. You Feel Difficult To Trust Each Other

When there is no emotional intimacy, it is obvious that you won't trust your partner. Instead, you may feel that your partner is least concerned about you, and therefore, there is no point in placing your trust in that person. This can lead to a lack of transparency in your relationship. Though for certain things, you may trust your partner easily, when it comes to an important decision, you may prefer not discussing it with your partner. The same will happen from your partner's end. He/she may not trust you with something extremely important.


3. You Rarely Take Each Other's Advice

Seeking your partner's advice and taking the same into account shows that both of you are not only emotionally connected but also have a mutual understanding. But if you and your partner avoid giving advice to each other, it is because you don't trust each other, which means you may be lacking emotional intimacy in your relationship. Since you and your partner do not discuss problems in your relationship, you may not consider each other's advice.


4. You Often Complain About Each Other

It goes without saying that no perfect human exists on this planet. There can be times when you may dislike some of your partner's habits. But, if you and your partner often complain about each other and indulge in blame games, then this is the sign that there's no emotional intimacy between you two.In that case, rather than pointing out the mistakes, you can sit and talk about how to overcome the differences.

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5. You Do Not Practice Forgiveness

There is nothing bad about forgiving your partner for mistakes that he or she did. In fact, it shows that you value the relationship more than your ego. But, if this is not the case in your relationship as you and your partner neither apologise nor forgive, then this shows your relationship lacks emotional intimacy. There is no point in fighting with your partner for the things that went wrong. Rather than arguing and speaking harsh words, you can forgive each other and increase emotional intimacy.


6. You Spend Less Time Together

It is essential for couples to spend time with each other to strengthen their relationship and bond. When you spend time together, you tend to talk about the problems and things you need to do to make each other feel loved. Also, both of you build some emotional connection that further leads to a strong emotional intimacy.


7. You Touch Each Other Only While Making Love

If you think intimacy is only about doing things in your bedroom, then you may be wrong. If you rarely hold hands and cuddle, then this shows you do not share emotional intimacy in your relationship. Intimacy is all about doing things to shower love upon your partner.


8. You Feel Isolated And Left-Out

It is obvious to feel isolated and left-out when you and your partner do not share your emotions and problems. You may feel distant from your partner, even if both of you live under the same roof. Due to this, you may feel that your partner no more loves you.

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Do you relate to some or most of these signs? If yes, try doing things to come closer to each other. You can provide emotional support to your partner and spend some quality time together. You also need to listen to each other's problems and challenges. With persistent and equal efforts, you can bring emotional intimacy in your relationship.

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