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Proposal Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Confessing Love To Your Partner

Being in love is easy but proposing or confessing love to your partner can be a daunting task. We can always take a cue from romantic movies but it is not always feasible in real life. Also, once we have done something inappropriate, it is difficult to take it back. So, if you have a crush or planning to propose to your partner on a date, there are some strict dos and don't you need to be aware of.
Sit back and relax for we have curated all the proposal mistakes you need to avoid before you plan to buy a ring or get engaged.

1. Do not propose in public

This might sound quite exciting. But it is a huge glaring proposing error. Every person is different by nature. It is possible that your partner is a bit shy by nature and in such a situation, he may not like your public proposal. He may also be in love with you but still, won't say yes to you. So, avoid proposing to your partner in public. If you still want to do this, firstly understand the nature of your partner.

2. Keeping it casual

Every person has a desire that his partner proposes to him in a unique way. It is not necessary that you have to buy very expensive rings for your partner. But you must keep in mind that you should display a different style and your partner's preferences also need to be a part of your consideration. If you propose to your partner in a very simple way or in a very common way, then he is very likely to reject it.

3. Don't talk too much

When some people propose to their partner, they give the impression that they totally understand them and can do anything for them., But your partner is bound to believe in this display and when sometimes you can't fulfil his every wish, it causes a rift in the relationship. Not only this, but sometimes, your long talk may put him off and he may not take you seriously and finally reject the proposal.

4. Proposing too soon

Sometimes people see a person and take a liking to him instantly. They would also propose immediately. This can be the biggest mistake on your part. Until and unless you understand someone very well and there is no friendship between the two of you, then you should not make the mistake of proposing to him.

5. Proposing too late

Delay in proposing is as bad as proposing too soon and there are chances of losing it. Many times people wait for their partner to take the initiative first and that is why they do not tell their partner. In this situation, your partner will start an affair with someone else and you will regret this bitterly.

6. Do not hide the ring in food or drink

Often, we see that people hide the ring in some food or drink to propose to their partner. However, doing so can be quite risky. First of all, it may increase the chances of losing the ring. On the other hand, your partner may accidentally swallow it and this can lead to a huge health risk.

Story first published: Friday, November 25, 2022, 22:20 [IST]
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