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8 Possible Indicators That She Is Good In Bed

Are you eager to know whether your lady love will be able to be sexually compatible? Here are some of the possible indicators that could tell you if she is good in bed.

Even if men haven't had the opportunity to get intimate with their partner, they can somehow draw a conclusion of her ability in bed. But if you (read: men) are unsure about your woman's compatibility, we have listed down some points that are possible indicators of whether or not a woman could be good in bed.

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1. She Is An Excellent Kisser

One of the possible indicators of whether she is good in bed can be the way she kisses you. If you feel that she is an excellent kisser, then you can be sure about her sexual encounter. She may begin with soft kisses and then would passionately kiss your lips while sucking and licking them. She may also use her hands while kissing you. You may feel her fingers running through your hair or body tightly pressed against yours.


2. She Has An Impressive Communication Skills

If she has great communication skills and doesn't hesitate in interacting with anyone, then this could be a clear indicator that she will be good in the bed. You will find her matching your communication level. While talking to her, you won't feel bored or irritated as she knows how to keep a conversation going on. She may seem genuinely interested in talking to you and the people around her. She will also pick up on new topics and will put her valid points on it.


3. She Is Always Eager To Try New Things

Being enthusiastic while trying new things, shows that she may be good in the bed. You can easily spot the eagerness in her for trying out new things. You will find her actively taking part in some adventurous activities. By saying so, we do not mean to say that she would always climb mountains and do paragliding. In fact, she may surprise you with flowers, greeting cards or show her hidden talents. The reason why this could be a possible indicator is that while you are making out, you may have an adrenaline rush. So, if she never hesitates from trying new things then this indeed means that she will be good in the bed.


4. She Exercises To Stay Fit And Healthy

If she is the one who is passionate about keeping herself fit and healthy, then this shows that she could be good in the bed. Now we don't mean to say that the girl has to be a gym freak and obsessed with the protein and vitamin intakes. Instead, we are talking about girls who are always concerned about their bodies and health. They will always ensure that their bodies' are in good posture and have good flexibility. Since sex is no less than an exercise, keeping the body fit through workouts shows that she will give her best in the bed.


5. She Is Vocal About Her Needs And Preferences

If she isn't shy about her needs and desires, then this could be an indicator that she is good in the bed. She knows if she wants to do a particular work or not. She won't give you mixed signals when you ask her out. She would never throw tantrums on what she wants to eat and whether she wants to go for a movie or would prefer a binge-watch. You will find her quite confident and vocal about her desires and needs.


6. She Is Quite Good At Flirting

Flirting can be another sign that would tell you if she is good in the bed. You may find her flirting likes a pro. She will flirt to spark the emotions in you. This is because a good foreplay is necessary for mind-blowing sex as it fills you with pleasure. The same goes with flirting. When someone flirts with you, it shows that the person is interested in you and this may feel you with enthusiasm.


7. She Knows How To Live In A Moment

Someone who knows how to enjoy each and every moment will definitely enjoy their lovemaking session as well. Moreover, sex is not a thing to be rushed. In fact, it is something that you can enjoy without worrying about anything else. So, if she always tries to make the best out of any moment and bring a smile to your face, then this clearly shows that she can be good in the bed.

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8. She Loves Certain Foods Over Others

You may find her having a good taste in food. You can pay attention to the way she eats. Does she enjoy her meal and eat in a nice way? If she eats slowly yet enjoys the food, then this may tell that she would give her best in the bed and would stay for a longer time.