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When You Fall In Love After A One-night Stand

By Vamini Anil Bhatia

You're someone who's always found love stories cringey, who's preferred comforting casual hook-ups over emotionally dependent relationships, someone who has always believed in 'no strings attached', yet you find yourself here. A voice in your heart says you're the victim of the well-known virus (insert the L word here). You think this isn't one of those nights you brag about to your friends having a cigarette.

You wish you could run away from reality but are yet hungry for the torrid romance. You're well aware of envy, that feeling when you're scrolling through your Instagram feed and stop at a picture of this perfect couple, giving major couple goals to the world, putting singles to shame (yeah, we all know them). But you are yet a stranger to those butterflies in your stomach. This is new, this is different. It's going to be an emotional roller coaster but here's something you need to do.


1. The confusion

Between the L words. What are you craving for? If given a chance, would you rather spend one more night with them or enjoy emotional intimacy? Try to decode what you're feeling. Lust or love. If you choose the latter, you've fallen. And you've fallen hard.


2. The step

If you know your feelings are true and you're ready to do something about it, don't be afraid to take the initiative. We don't mean a booty call. But ask them out on a date. Probably for a coffee or dinner. Calling them home would just complicate things (Well, you know...)


3. Subtle confrontation

As tricky as it sounds, this one needs a bit of planning. The more you try to push this step, the harder it gets. You need to tell them how you feel but don't just hand over your heart. Tell them you enjoy spending time with them and see if they are receptive. If yes, you know cupid has drawn the string of his bow.

Well, what happens next? That entirely depends on how the conversation goes. If they're into you too, you're going to experience a feeling that is much better than an orgasm (well, we don't promise you that!). And if things work out and you and your boo decide to get into a relationship, you most definitely should read THIS. THINGS TO REMEMBER IN A NEW RELATIONSHIP

For the ones who don't have their lucky stars right now, and you pick up on signs that they're not into you, we got your back!


1. Thank you, next!

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. So what if he's not the one? Click, click delete. Just like Ariana taught us. There's someone else out there who's going to give you the kind of love that you deserve.


2. Dating apps to the rescue

Taking advantage of the fact that we live in the age of dating apps like Tinder and Bubble, it's safe to say that hooking up is easier than ever before. Download some dating apps and get going, who knows your perfect partner is one right swipe away!


3. Self-confidence

Boost your own moral. This may sound surreal but no matter how good you are at taking rejections, you need to keep your self-confidence at check. Pamper yourself, have a spa day or just spend the day doing something you love. It's important to love yourself for someone to fall in love with you.

Here's something that we believe in. Loving someone is like building a house, you might love the first brick that is placed, but you can't fall in love with the house until you've completely seen it. Similarly, you can instantly love a piece of someone but falling in love with someone takes time.

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