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Relationships are formed on the basis of trust, faith, love, respect, and desire to be with each other. But wondering what all you need to do in a relationship? Well, this article will suffice all your queries. You need to remember a single thing in a new relationship.

Relationships are like clay and in order to build a shape, you need to be responsible and be certain of the things that you do.

It is very easy to make mistakes in a new relationship. Every relationship depends on certain temperament you and your partner have.

Understanding them is the key and in this article, I will guide you through all the things that you need to remember while in a new relationship.

Let's go through these things to remember in a new relationship.

1. Don't be clingy at all

You will find it difficult to resist being with your partner in the start; but when you are in a new relationship, you need to remember that if you spend all your time with your partner, it makes the relationship less appealing for each other after a certain point of time.

Learn to give ample amount of time that is required and not more or less. Do not make yourself look clingy in the eyes of your partner. It doesn't help at all.

In most of the relationships, that have broken till date, the reason is that of a clingy partner.

In a new relationship, you shouldn't pursue your partner too hard. It kills the interest of your partner to be with you. Rather, divulge into other activities that show you give equal importance to your other priorities as you are giving to your partner.

2. Try not to be someone else

Your partner might be very different, but it doesn't mean you should be acting the way your partner wants you to be. Your partner came into the relationship seeing the way you are and if you portray something else to your partner, it would appear as if you are faking your personality and, my friend, no human wants a partner who is just ready to fake his/her personality for the sake of the relationship.

Relationships work best when the partners work it out while being different from each other.

It is okay to be different than what your partner is. He/she wanted to be with you for the reason you are. Do not change for the sake of making your partner happy. They already are happy with you. There is no reason you try to be someone else.

3. Don't compare your partner with your ex

It is wrong to do this. It is pointless to compare and Switchfoot. It doesn't help in the new relationship, rather burns it to the ashes.

None of being compared to someone else. Your partner will always be different from your ex.

Never discuss how your previous relationship was and how this one is turning out to be. There is no comparison. You would have been with your ex if you wanted the kind of relationship you had with your ex. But you left it for a new one and here you ask the same old relationship that you eventually will break and run forward.

If you want this relationship to work out, they never compare it with your past relationship.

4. Don't rush

Let the flow of relationship be on its way. Do not rush into it. It will just break the bonds. Don't try to be too fast or too furious, as certainly you will meet with an accident. There is no shortcut for working the relationship. You have just started with the relationship and now you are planning on getting married.

Wait, you will just scare your partner. Give the relationship some time, see how it works out for you and your partner. Rushing never helped and it never will.

Remember, the relationship should be as subtle and as natural as it can be. Let it low as the stream of water flows on a rainy day. Let the steadiness be there and gradually run its course.

The relationship will flourish.

These are the 4 most important points you need to remember. Every new relationship is a baby of you and your partner. Make a note to let it grow properly.

Story first published: Thursday, May 10, 2018, 10:00 [IST]