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    Why Does Everyone Want A Relationship To Last Forever?

    Relationships have been the religion of love and the everlasting practice to make it forever is always the thing in every couple's mind. Why does everyone want a relationship to last forever? What is the idea or thought behind it? Why do we seek a forever in each love story?

    I have always understood that love is a symbol of two people working to become one at the end. But I always have this question in mind, why someone wants a forever in it? Love cannot be described in a word. I don't think love needs a recognition. It just happens. But then I see couples trying to make their love, a story of forever. Why is that so?

    relationship to last forever

    Lovers have always been the most optimistic people in my eyes. They take risks, are adventurous in their own way about their love, mostly prefer to keep it simple while some prefer to make it a huge thing.

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    The love between a couple is the act of pure emotion. They work day in and night to build a relationship on it. Lovers are always in search of key elements in their love to make something out of it that would help their relationship grow.

    Why Do We Fall In Love?

    We fall in love because of the way we feel about someone. When we find love, we like to enjoy the spoils it brings with it. But what is it about us that makes us long for love in the first place? It turns out that the most intrinsic reason to fall in love is to increase the species. But nowadays, people fall in love for society and its reasons. Falling in love has become a status symbol. The reasons why we fall in love would be many but to bring it to one single sentence would be a lot more difficult.

    We fall in love because of the similarities we share, propinquity or familiarity, desirable characteristics, reciprocal liking, filling needs and social influences. There are other factors that make us fall in love and these include, arousal or unusual feelings for someone, specific cues or physical attributes, readiness and self- esteem, isolation with another person, mystery and the curiosity to know someone.

    When the love begins we start thinking as if it will be the forever love. This is a natural phenomenon of humans trying to lead their love. Every human is goal oriented and when they talk about love, the goal for them is to make it forever. The only way they think love can be cherished is when it lasts forever. The thought makes them want their love to be forever.

    Love is that adrenaline in our body that makes us push ourselves forward in the motion of having the relationship last forever. Everyone does it. Everyone seeks their relationship to be a forever one. Everyone is driven by the act of love that brings the idea of forever. We fall in love when our bodies sync with our mind while we are constantly thinking about someone. Maximising the output of love in our relationship we tend to take it as far as we can. Love brings a relationship with happiness as the end product. Whereas ending a relationship brings sadness. People are not receptive towards having sadness as a part of their life. This makes them be in a relationship and try to make it forever.

    The thing about people craving for a forever is because of the brokenness they have in them and that makes them desire a forever relationship, just for someone to complete them. The thought of being complete is the kind of forever, humans have always desired.

    You cannot fall in love without desiring it to be a forever. That is the law of every human's love.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 12:09 [IST]
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