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    Why Do Men Change? Reasons That Make These Changes Suddenly

    Wondering about your man changing right away for no apparent reason? Thinking about what happened to the man you fell in love with? Does his change in nature bother you a lot? Are you trying to find out the reasons behind the change? Well, this article will suffice all your questions.

    Men at times become prey to change and women find it difficult to understand the reasons for this change. They try to figure out if it is due to their surroundings or their friends or simply because of the fact that they wish to change without any reason.

    why do men change

    There are certain reasons that make men change overnight. These reasons are not easy to understand but when looked in detail, it is easy to understand and recognise.

    Here below are some reasons that a woman should know /why men can change their behaviour suddenly.

    1. Emotion

    A woman is always targeted as being the emotional gender. But things and times have changed drastically and it is also men now that has become a lot more emotional then they were. Emotions have evolved like humans have. It has been studied that men have become vulnerable to emotion and an adult man has slightly more increased emotion considered to the older generation.

    Emotion can change a man in many ways and in no time. These changes come suddenly and your mood swings away in directions that changes you.

    2. Loneliness

    Every human being goes through emotional stages in their life. While some prefer being lonely some become lonely due to circumstances. In case of men, they hardly reach out to people. It is said that men usually reach out to others less than women. Most men are introverts who love the company of themselves, thus in return, they feel lonely at times and difficult to reach out to.
    This becomes a change for men as well. Thus, ladies, if your man is behaving changed and different, loneliness can be a big factor. Find out today.

    3. Maturity

    Men and maturity is a hand-in-hand concept. A man needs to be matured more than his woman. But, at times, maturity changes them to become another person, behaviour wise. The earlier happy man at times becomes very grave and this is due to maturity. Men behave differently.

    Psychological studies have shown that one-upmanship holds less appeal for older men. The change is likely aided by the slow natural decline in testosterone as a man ages.

    4. Marriage

    Women love to walk down the aisle in their pretty wedding gowns, start a family, etc. But, men, on one hand, do not wish to settle in for this type of lifestyle at an early age. Men prefer being free and unsettled. They like to have a free life without being troubled by any kind of pressure. Marriage for men becomes a burden at an early stage and thus they change suddenly in order to cope with this pressure. Researchers have found that infidelity is most likely to occur before a man hits the age of 30 if married early.

    5. Fatherhood

    Paternal behaviour changes a man completely. When a man becomes a father, his way to lead life changes overnight. He becomes more concerned and caring. His approach to everything changes. His personal preferences change and it becomes difficult to understand them.

    Fatherhood is the most important change a man undergoes.

    6. Experience

    Men change due to the experience they gather. The first-hand experience of something either very good or very bad brings a sudden change in them. These changes are easy to observe. Experience changes men in ways one cannot comprehend.

    7. Love

    It is another factor that makes men change. Love changes feelings about people brings in more emotions and makes you experience a lot of emotions. Love is the key to a new life for men. They mold themselves to be in love at times, making it obvious for people to observe that they are in love.

    These seven pointers are the most important reasons to understand why do men change suddenly and out of the blue become a different person. These changes either make him better or make him worse. These changes have varied behavioural characteristics and it depends from one man to another.

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