Love Story: When Valour And Love Walked Hand In Hand

By Shatavisha

Society is something that is always up for a change. Thus, what society expected out of its citizens a couple of decades back is not what it would expect today. While some of these changes may be positive, some of them are not-so-welcome changes.

However, at the end of the day, we are nobody to judge the reparations of the same. After all, we have had the privilege of living our lives in only one era.

love story

Amidst all such changes, one is the dynamic role of women. Considering that women constitute half of a relationship and marriage, their ever-changing role is bound to have an impact on the same.

Till a couple of generations ago, women did not step out of the four walls of the household. Then came a point where the light of education did reach them and they stepped out of their homes and pursued careers of their own.

However, even at that point, there were certain careers that were considered to be out of bounds for these women; the defense careers being one of them.

With the second decade of the millennium drawing close, things were up for a change and the defense welcomed its brave women with open arms. However, there were women in Indian households who were not permitted to pursue their dreams. Read on to know the story of Geetika, which is totally inspiring.


The Sparkle Of Dreams That Fill Young Eyes

Born into a family from the defense background, Geetika was the only daughter. Her elder brother Nayank was nine years older. Thus, she was pretty young when her brother joined the armed forces. There was something about that uniform that attracted her. In less than a year, when the Indian Army announced the Short Service Commission for women, Geetika knew where she wanted to be.


Dreams Are For The ‘Man’ Of The Household

Just before her class 12th board exams, when Geetika spoke about her dreams to her father, she was in for a shock. Her father informed her that nothing of that sort was going to happen and that she was not to pursue any further education. Her marriage had been arranged with Capt. Ashok Rathore, a reputed officer of the Indian Army.


When Wedding Bells Ring

Three months after her board exams, Geetika and Capt. Ashok exchanged their vows. Like a typical Army wedding, the same was held with a lot of fun and gaiety. It was after such a grand wedding that the couple set off for their wedding in Bali.


When Hearts Unite

Considering that theirs was an arranged marriage, the couple did not know each other very well at the time of marriage. It was in their honeymoon that the couple opened up to each other. At this point, Geetika spoke about her dream to her husband. She told him of the fact that she wanted to join the Army. Ashok was very impressed by this, and from that moment onwards, he took it upon himself to see that her dream saw the light of the day.


As Efforts Take Shape

Following their return from the honeymoon, Ashok took out his old books and gave them to Geetika. Since most of these books were purchased long back, some of them had gone outdated. Ashok purchased new books for the same. Geetika put in the best of efforts and with Ashok's support, her preparation was going in the right direction.


When Eyebrows Raise

The fact that Ashok was helping his wife prepare for the SSC exams was something that was not looked up on. Ashok's family and his in-laws were of the opinion that a woman's rightful place is in the kitchen and that was where she should be. But all these views of the bygone era did not have any impact on Ashok who wholeheartedly encouraged his wife to pursue her dreams.


When Failure Strikes

Fighting such family opposition was not easy for Geetika. Despite the fact that she had her better-half beside her, her morale was down. Thus, it was not all the way unexpected when she failed to pass the exam with flying colours. Her failure gave both sets of families all the way more reason to talk behind her back.


Negative Motivation Is The Key

While any other woman would have got disappointed and quit her dreams, Geetika was not the sort to give up on that easily. She put in rejuvenated effort. Her husband Ashok supported her throughout the journey. In less than a year, she was able to clear the exam she had always hoped for.


As Success Follows

This was followed by the best phase that Ashok and Geetika had ever gone through. Both of them were doing exceptionally well in their careers and with the passing days, they got to know each other all the way more. The more they got to know about each other, the deeper they fell in love. Indeed, if there is one thing that we can be absolutely sure of, it is the fact that love can be found even in arranged marriages.


A Lesson Learnt

One thing that we can all draw from the eternal love story of Ashok and Geetika is the fact that love can be found even in arranged marriages. Also, contrary to popular beliefs, a woman pursuing a career does not make her love her husband any less. In fact, if a man truly loves his lady, he will go to any extent to see that her dreams come true. After all, that is what being a man is all about.

The story of Ashok and Geetika is one that will set couple goals for the generations to come. Here's wishing the brave and hardworking couple the very best in life.

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    Story first published: Saturday, February 17, 2018, 10:02 [IST]
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