What Do Men Wish Women Knew?

It is not women who are always this complex that men talk about. In a recent study, it was also noted that men have evolved from being simple to a fairly complex being.

In the world of dating, it is hard to find a proper match in the first chance itself. Women constantly think of what really goes on in the mind of a man? What exactly is he thinking? What does he wish for?
On the other hand, men wish for certain things to be known by women. They have always longed that these things a woman should know beforehand.

men wish women knew

Of course, every situation is different and every person is unique. But, in general, there are quite a few points that most men wish women knew.

1. Men Are Not Afraid Of Commitment

Normally, it is assessed by women that men are afraid when it comes to giving a commitment. It is not that way. You are blindly following something that is not true.

Men are not afraid of commitment. They take a little more time in order to be certain of the relationship.
They just don't rush into the commitment yet. They look for realistic reasons.

2. They Like When You Have No Makeup On

Men prefer the way you are. That is without makeup! Men like it when you put zero makeup and wear more of your confidence than cosmetics.

Men like to see the real you and how confident are you in your own self.

If you think men just say it for the sake that they like it when you wear no makeup, then you are wrong.

They mean it. They just wish you knew it earlier.

3. They Watch Adult Movies And They Are Okay With It

Well, yes!

Men like to watch adult movies and they are okay talking about it. Don't gross them out. It is absolutely normal for them. Men in serious relationships also watch adult movies and they feel totally okay about the fact. They just wish you knew too and felt comfortable. They hide it just to not make you feel weird.

4. They Hide When They Are Not Confident

Men mostly hide the fact of not being confident and in that manner, they start portraying extra confidence.
They just want you to know that just like women even they lack confidence at times. They want you to understand this and have always wished for it.

5. Share Passions

Men love it when their partner tags along for anything that interests them and is a passion for them. A man adores it when his girl puts efforts into knowing that they both have different interests.
But it is not okay for him to know that you spend all of your time putting efforts for him and not live your own life.
He likes to see efforts, not much, not less.

6. He Seeks Compliments Too

Every man wishes his woman to secretly know that he likes hearing to compliments as well. Receiving compliments from your partner is a wonderful feeling that men like experiencing just as much as their female counterparts. A small gesture of appreciation is also enough. They just want you to acknowledge and appreciate and compliment them at regular intervals.

7. At Times, They Just Stare And Don't Think

Women keep asking their man every time they just stare at the ceiling regarding why they are doing so. Honestly, most of the time, when men stare at something for a constant period of time, it doesn't mean that they are thinking something. They are just blank and it is normal for us. We don't think but just stare at something for some time.

8. Go Together Pay Separately

They love the concept of going together and enjoying and at the end splitting the bill equally by two. Splitting the bill is a very subtle gesture shown by women. Men adore it and have always wished their female counterpart knew about it too.

These are the 8 truths of what men wish women knew.

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