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    Signs He Respects And Adores The Soul Inside You

    It is sad to see how people have started disrespecting more than giving respect to their partners. If you are feeling your partner is not respecting the love and the soul inside you, then it is time you start questioning why and what went wrong?

    If you are unsure about your partner giving you respect, you need to look into the signs that will make it certain for you to conclude with an answer.

    signs he respects

    Every relationship is based on love, trust, and respect. These are the pillars of a relationship and if you and your partner do not have either one of them in between your bonding, the relationship fails to build.

    Love without respect is not love at all. Unless you respect the person you cannot fall in love.

    Think about it!

    How can a person love another when that person has no respect for the soul inside? How can a person divulge in sharing truth and honesty when he is not respecting you?

    How can you find out whether your man is giving you the respect you seek from the relationship and from him?

    Signs he respects you:

    1. He Gives You Complete Independence

    If your man is giving you the independence you seek in a relationship, he is respecting you. It is not hard to understand and it is not at all hard to not give respect. But when it comes to independence, men try to take the superior hand and try controlling the independence of their partner.

    It is wrong and if your partner is trying to crumble your independence; you need to question him.

    2. He Gives You Complete Attention

    If your man gives you the attention of the millennium every time he is with you, he shows the respect he has for your soul and for the person you are. In a world full of distractions, giving attention to every single detail is hard and if your man does it for you and gives you his complete attention, then he respects you.

    3. He Values Your Interests

    When a man is in love with someone he will try looking out for your interests. He will make you feel that your interests and thoughts matter to him. He will never make you feel your thoughts and ideas are invalid or unworthy. He will encourage you to talk about your interests more and more. He will show the appreciation he has for you and the choice of interests you have.

    4. He Is Vulnerable With You

    When a man is being vulnerable, it shows the fact of trust, he has for you. He opens up and tells you all about himself because he respects you. He feels you should know his darker side and all that he thinks and just keeps to himself.

    When you respect a person, you start confiding your thoughts. His actions and reactions will become known to you and you will see the respect he gives when he is confiding in you.

    5. He Cares About Your Needs

    When you see your man caring about your needs and wants, more than his own, you need to know the man you are with respects you the most. He looks forward to fulfilling all your wishes and desires. He makes it certain that you meet all your standard wants and needs while being with him.

    6. He Isn't Jealous

    One thing he is not is JEALOUS if he respects you!

    This shows respect at a deeper level. He doesn't really care that you give your time or attention to other people or things frequently. He knows that he has no right to demand or order that he be the center of your universe. He knows that he can't just ask you to spend all of your time with him. He respects that you have a life outside of the relationship.

    These 6 things showcase that the man you are with is the one for you. If you see all these traits in him, you need to know that he has the utmost respect for you. And he means each letter of the word respect. He always wishes the best for you and the relationship. Look out for these signs this time and find out how well your partner respects you.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 12:45 [IST]
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