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Relationship Goals; Intimate Questions You Can Ask Your Partner Today?

Worrying about the level of intimacy you and your partner have? How about you indulge in an intimate session of conversation? All you have got do is set up the mood and start shooting intimate questions in a very subtle manner. This will not only make them answer your questions but will also give them the thought of being intimate with you and later this intimacy might turn into the art of making love.

One of the main relationship goals of this generation is to bring forth the openness in the conversation itself. People like to talk about the things they do in a relationship. So when you and your partner indulge in having conversations, use it to the benefit of yours and start asking intimate questions.

This will give your partner a hint of what you want further and you could get the answers you were craving for. When you and your partner discuss intimacy, you don't get the answers with utmost honesty. But when you pop a question right in front of them without giving them the time to think and answer, you get the truth of their thinking and about their level of intimacy.

Intimacy is often required in the relationship and if you and your partner are not into it, then you both are missing out on a lot of couple goals. Intimacy is the nature of every relationship.

Why Do You Need To Ask These Intimate Questions?

The reasons behind asking these intimate questions is to know and understand your partner better and in a more deeeper sense. These questions not only help you and your partner, but also uplift the relationship. Intimate questions can be dirty, can be sensual, can be flirty in nature as well as can be a cold question. These types of questions make your partner bound to give an answer, thus reavealing their nature of intimacy.

Intimate questions are the ones that help in understanding the person in depth. Intimacy is an important part of every serious relationship. It is not always about what goes on in the bedroom. Of course, that plays a great role in your relationship, but there are things you can do outside of the bedroom or nights you can plan based on your significant other's fantasies and wishes.

Do not be shy and let go of the moment that you will later regret. If you want to know something about your partner, the best thing to do is to ask them directly.

What Are The Types Of Intimate Questions?

There are many types of intimate questions, ranging from general questions, to habit-based questions, to desiring questions, to questions that would want your partner to make love, etc.
These types of questions are based on the urge of knowing your partner better.

Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner:

1. How and where do you like to be touched?

2. How do you think you best express love?

3. Do you like sentimental gifts or do you always want a gift to have a practical purpose and be something you need?

4. I want to be a good lover, and I want to be there for you. What can I do for you to be that woman or man?

5. What is your opinion on marriage and children?

6. Where do you see this relationship headed in the next year? What about the next five years?

7. When did you realize you were in love with me?

8. Is there anything we haven't tried that you'd like to?

9. What are your thoughts on toys?

10. What are some things I can do outside of the bedroom to keep the feelings of intimacy going all day?

11. Do you see our love lasting? Do you ever have any doubts?

12. Do you believe in soul mates? What about love at first sight?

13. Have you ever been hurt in the past and questioned the possibility of love?

14. How do you imagine a day in the life of us, married with kids? What about a week in the life?

15. Would you let me kiss you?

16. How do you feel about kissing in public?

17. Using three words, how do you feel about me?

18. Hot showers or bubble baths?

19. What is your favourite thing about me?

20. Would you ever use bondage?

21. Have you ever wanted to role play?

22. What kind of props do you like to use in the bedroom?

23. Which are the three places you'd do it outside of a home?

24. What could I bring you that would make you especially grateful?

25. Do you want to see me without my shirt on?

26. We have 20 minutes to spend together, what do we do?

27. If we could be together anywhere right now, where would it be?

28. If I was at your window right now, would you invite me in?

29. If you come home stressed, what can I do to help you unwind?

30. You feel my hand going down your back, how do you react?

These are the 30 intimate questions you can ask your partner today. Learn to sway your partner in words and see the magic that unfolds in your reality.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 26, 2018, 9:39 [IST]
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