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    Reasons Why Your Girl Will Never Leave You No Matter What

    By Tanya Ruia

    It is very difficult to find a good girl but it is more difficult to keep that good girl. If you are lucky enough to find one then better keep her rather than hurt her and push her away. Many men take their girl for granted and end up losing good girls. They are almost clueless about how to treat them, how to keep them, how to pamper them, etc. If you know how to keep her intact, she will never leave you.

    Sometimes life might also come with a user manual, but a woman? Never! A woman can never come with a user manual. Even God can never handle a woman. A woman is a creation that needs extraordinary care, more fragile than bone china.

    reasons why your girl will never leave you no matter what

    A relationship doesn't come with a set of instructions. It is you who has to make it worth holding on to. If your girl makes you go round and round and topsy-turvy giving you all the possible butterflies in the stomach along with getting on your nerves, then hold on to her. Do not take her for granted. I repeat, do not take her for granted.

    Here are definite reasons she would not leave you for another man.

    You Feel Honesty Is The Best Policy

    Your girl majorly wants to hear the truth from you no matter how harsh it is. Hurt her with the truth but never comfort her with your lies. False hopes and lies and false promises will only push her away from you. In order to keep her intact with you, you have to trust her with the truth you tell her even if it is going to get you into trouble.


    Girls are generally very expressive and expect the same from you. You might not be much expressive but at least express your feelings and emotions correctly to her. Do not make her feel that you are not expressing it the right way. Also, do not get over expressive and push her away.

    Will To Adjust And Compromise For Her

    A relationship is all about a little bit of adjustment and compromise. Selflessness is the key. If it is love, it has to be selfless. Make her feel that she can always count on you rather than feeling that you are selfish.

    Keeping The Relationship Fresh And New

    No matter how old or new a relationship is, it needs some water definitely. In order to keep the relationship all fresh and new for both of you, keep nurturing it with the drops of love and care. Not only be her man in bed but also the man of her life.

    Giving The Freedom

    Let her be herself in front of you no matter whatever expression it is. If she is broke, she should feel the freedom of telling that to you. If she is puking, she should do that freely. If she needs to fart, she should be able to do that freely. The feeling of not judging her will make her your woman of life.

    Keeping Up With Promises

    You need to understand that you are her family outside the family. She considers you as her home. She has relied on you and trusted on the promises that you have made to her. Do not make false promises to her and keep her in the dark if you cannot fulfill your promises. If she has relied on you regarding something, do not prove her wrong. Do stand on to your words.

    Giving The Power Of Being Vulnerable

    You show her that you also trust her enough in order to get vulnerable, i.e., you allow her to hurt you but you trust her that she won't hurt you. You open yourself up and give the full power to her on you.

    Time Is Money

    She doesn't want your money, she wants your time. Time and attention are the only precious gifts you can give her all your life. Other guys are always in a chance to emotionally comfort your girl. Whenever they see that you are not giving her enough time and attention, they will try to reach up to her and comfort her. But, it is your task to manage it and comfort her and give your time to her. Your time and attention will add more value to your relationship and will make her feel that she doesn't need any other person's time and attention and emotional support.

    Her Goals And Dreams Should Be A Priority For You As Well

    Support her in her career, goals, passions, and dreams. She needs your support as well. If she has considered you as her family, then you have to be a part of her struggle and journey. No matter what profession she chooses, you support her and don't demoralize her. If she is going wrong also, tell her and show her the right path.

    Keeping a girl is not hard. It is easy; that's why guys are so clueless about what to do. Just follow the above rules and your girl will never leave you no matter what.

    These are the reasons why your girl will never leave you no matter what.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, May 9, 2018, 12:30 [IST]
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