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    Reasons Why You Need To Let Go Of The Man You Love

    At times, we drag the relationship knowing the circumstances very well and how it is bothering us. One finds varied ways to tackle and deviate the relationship from the obstacles. Sometimes, it does and, at times, it doesn't.

    You need to know that there is a certain limit until which if you drag it, it is okay but afterward, you need to let go of the man you love. Not all relationships and love have happy endings, but being alone and being happy is better than being in a toxic relationship.

    reasons why you need to let go of the man you love

    The concept of relationship is based on two individuals being together and being happy with each other and if that is not happening, then the concept itself is at fault in your case and you need to let him go.

    In this article, you will find the various reasons that you need to look into, in order to understand the fact that it is about time you need to let go of the man you love.

    The longevity of the relationship and the strength of relationship depend on many factors.

    Reasons Why You Need To Let Go Of The Man You Love

    1. You see no future

    You find it hard to see the future of the relationship. He has his own ideas of where he wants to be and you have your own and nowhere is it coinciding with each other. There is no mutual connection in terms of having a great future between the two of you and that is one big reason why you need to let go of him.

    2. Your life has become hell

    If you feel this, "it feels like hell has descended right into my life" after coming into the relationship, then you better need to let it go. Certain times, love is not the only thing you need in the relationship and that is when you need to know about letting go. Love is a part of the relationship. Compatibility, trust, respect, beliefs, judgment, etc., matter too in a relationship. If these don't work in the favour, then it is futile to be in that relationship.

    You were a happy soul earlier and now after getting into the relationship, you have become a person with zero happiness in your pockets.

    3. You are the one giving all the effort

    How does it feel when you are doing everything possible on your part but there is no effort put on his side? It eats you up.

    You need to know, it is time to let him go and move on with life. Your love was true to the core and he was not, for which he wasn't putting any effort into the relationship and wasn't showing any interest.

    The benefit of leaving now is the investment of time, which is less here, and if you drag it a little more, then be certain you will fall into the mouth of depression and that is wrong.

    4. He is there only when he needs you

    Do you feel that his only involvement with you is when he is in need of you?
    You might reconsider staying with him after this thought strikes your mind. It is better to leave now than later. When you need him, he will hardly be there; but in his time of need, he will always fool around you. It is better to let him go from here itself, rather than deliberately letting yourself into a sad relationship.

    5. He can't keep up a normal conversation with you

    After a heavy-metal working day, you come home and sit by the couch to have a conversation with your SO. Sadly, he makes his way out of the conversation.
    This suggests you both don't even have a genuine conversation with each other. If there is no communication between you both, then there is no reason to be with each other as well. It is better to let him go now itself.

    6. He is overdoing a lot of things that bother you

    Okay, honestly, ask yourself if there are things that bother you about him? Things like over possessiveness and obsessive attitude, etc?

    If he is any of the things that bother you all the time and you don't like that about him, you need to let go of him for your sake.

    In relationships, being possessive is healthy but overdoing it is not. All the obsessive characteristics don't benefit you at all and that is where you need to know it is time for you to let him go. Your love isn't enough for the relationship. Other things matter too.

    These are certain facts about him that you need to consider being in the relationship. If there is no happiness, communication, trust, respect, belief and things that matter in a relationship, in between you both, it is about time you need to let him go for your sake of happiness.

    These facts will guide your heart in the right direction and I hope your relationship works well and if not, let him go, for your own goodwill.

    If you liked reading the article, let me know in the comments section below with your feedback.

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