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    Reasons Why Men Distance Themselves After Sex

    By Soham

    There are plenty of queries that come up about the stage, after sex. One of them is the query about why men distant themselves after having sex? Did you have this query as well? Well, this article is about to reveal all truth behind this act of men.

    Sex is about connection and intimacy where you feel you get along with the person in a better way. Sex has been the ultimate point of pleasure for men and women. While both enjoy it, some men try to distant themselves from their female partners.

    Why Men Distance Themselves After Sex

    The reasons behind why men distance themselves after sex are:

    1. It Was Just A Fling For Him

    In this scenario, the man never had thought of keeping in touch with you. It was a fling for him. He had an amazing time with you and now he is gone. There is nothing more to it.

    Perhaps you thought you could have some kind of attachment. But he had never such intention. It was just a come, enjoy and leave the idea for him.

    This is the reason he is distancing himself from you. You can't do anything here. It is better you get over it.

    2. He Isn't Ready For A Relationship

    Perhaps he also started having some kind of attachments which he wasn't planning on having. He is distancing himself in order to keep a check of his emotions. He doesn't want to get serious and he is hiding and ignoring you for this matter. It's not at all your fault. He is just not ready for having any commitment.

    3. You Are Being Clingy

    In this case, he is distancing himself from you because you started becoming very clingy. You might be wanting this to work out but the moment you showed the attitude of being clingy, he bailed out. If you need this to be a serious relationship, you need to give space and not be clingy. Men don't prefer women who are clingy and this becomes one of the major reasons why men bail out on women after sex.

    If you really want him, you need to control this fact about yourself. Do not show that you are clingy, else your man will bail out on you.

    4. You Are Scaring Him Away

    If you are planning on feeling loved by him after sex for one night, you might as well throw away this idea. Men are scared of love and they run for they don't want to get into commitment in any manner and if you are making him feel loved the next day after sex, he will go away.

    If you start falling for him, don't reveal it so soon. Wait and give him some space, be cordial with him and slowly let him wander in your emotion zone where you have kept your feelings for him. If he feels the same way he will get into a relationship with you.

    5. He Didn't Enjoy

    This might be a fact as well. He thought, you both would have a great sex, but it turned out opposite and that bothers him. This is the reason for him withdrawing without even telling you.

    6. He Has Complex

    He is probably thinking he wasn't good in bed and this is what is eating him up inside and for that matter, he isn't keen on meeting you or contacting you. Give him some time and tell him how good he was. Give him the confidence and he will stop distancing himself.

    7. Hormones

    Due to the level of testosterone decreasing after sex, men kind of feel loss of independence. This is absolutely normal and in this meantime, all you need to do is get back into your own life. He will again come back after a few days. Do not worry if this is the reason for your man to distance himself from you.

    These are the top 7 reasons why men start ignoring and moving away in order to distance themselves after having sex. You cannot change the fact but adhere to it.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 9:00 [IST]
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