6 Reasons, How Sex Establishes A Bond In A Relationship

Sex is the bonding that men and women seek from each other. Being the ultimate pleasure that every human desire, sex is the definition of two souls admiring the flesh of each other.

Life revolves in two forms, first being an emotional experience and second, physical experience. Emotional experience gathers all it takes to be in love and feel the very urge of the words blowing a cool breeze of happiness and at times the hotness of the desert wind. Physical experience, on the other hand, is all about the connection of bodies, the sense of touch, and feeling the embodiment of the life that revolves around with the help of the perception of touch.

Sex Establishes A Bond

Physical experience between two humans is the art of having sex. It bonds two individuals as one while loving blossoms in the wilderness of the flesh and bones. Sex is all about the chastity of two individuals in love. The art that comes out of it is the form of bonding the souls have in the form of sex.

Sex is all about the driven emotional experience in the physical form. In a relationship, it means and matters to the core.

Let's see the ways in which sex establishes a bond in the relationship

1. Intimacy

Sex brings intimacy into the picture of a relationship. Intimacy is the blossoming of emotions dwelling inside two individuals. Intimacy is the form of attachment where individuals constantly seek to be rekindled in the form of art or words.
Intimacy is the natural form of making love without even having sex. It is the emotional version of sex.

"Allow me to travel through your body seeking the deepest connection with your soul." - A Mixed Nerve

2. Attachment

Sex enhances the level of attachment two individuals have with their emotional experience. Attachment doubles or multiplies insignificant times the moment two individuals in love making art, Sex.

Attachment performs the track to be with each other, creating a neural and emotional bonding between two individuals. Attachment gives the scope of wanting to be with each other. It increases the bonding of affection for each other. In other words, attachment makes a couple feel they need to be with each other if not all the time, then most of it.

3. Appreciation

Appreciation is the by-product of sex. It is the means and manner by which a couple shows its need to be with each other. Appreciation leads to the emotional experience of saying things that one feels would make his/her partner feel good. Appreciation for the body and the mind happens when two people lose themselves in making love.

Appreciation is the formulae for a longer relationship bonding. It helps in complimenting one another and that induces a feeling of endearment for each other. Appreciation is much needed in a relationship and the real appreciation is seen when the couple appreciates the flesh the way it is and doesn't judge the flaws he/she finds.

4. Vulnerability

The vulnerability is the most important trait of every human being. No one wants to share the flesh of theirs with another unless they are sure of it. The vulnerability is present in each human being. Sex binds the vulnerability of each other. Sex requires flesh connecting flesh and in that manner opens up two people's vulnerability before each other.

The bonding of vulnerability is the only way two individuals form the deepest connection of their soul.

Ever wondered about having sex without introducing your private parts to each other? Well, that is not possible. Sex involves the vulnerability of two people to trust each other and make love.

5. Perspective About Each Other Becomes Better

Once you have sex with someone you get to know the inner side or the other side of the person. Sex helps you in knowing your partner in a bigger and a broader spectrum. This happens only when you lose yourself in sex.

Sex opens up the feelings that are hidden beneath the flesh. It nurtures the love in various forms of making love. The perspective you had about the partner before having sex becomes a fragment of the perspective you see the person after making love.

The perspective of a person is the truth of his/her character and sex reveals the true identity of the person making your bond with that person a heavenly abode.

6. Trust

Sex helps you to perfectly trust each other. It gives you the feeling of knowing the person since eternity and till eternal life. Trust is the acquired proof of resting your concerns and thinking that it is safe with another person.

Sex is a way to acquire that concern or to enhance it. It just gathers the momentum of trusting more and more and in the deepest way possible. Trust becomes the biggest factor that sex provides in having the bonding of the relationship.

These are the ways in which sex establishes a bond in the relationship. It is not just deeper but it is soul connecting and never ceases to be true.

"Sex is the art where flesh and bones become the canvas." - A Mixed Nerve

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