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    Planning To Hit On Your Crush? Follow These Tips

    Oh! You found a crush and now searching all over the internet in hunt of ways to hit on them? Well, your search ends here, as the tips that are presented here are with utmost sanctity and it will be easier for your partner to understand.

    We always like to stay in the bubble. But when it bursts, it brings the reality upon us. The same happens to us when we find ourselves a crush. We just don't feel like losing them from our eyesight.

    hit on your crush

    If you want to let them in your sight, then you better take an approach towards it, rather than waiting inside the bubble and thinking about the wonders you could do with the crush of yours.

    This time, it will be different when you hit on your crush. You have these tips to guide you into this task of yours.

    Let's go through all the tips that can help make your crush acknowledge you.

    1. Don't be nervous

    It is natural for everyone to be nervous while trying to initiate a conversation. But overcoming it is the key. Nervousness leads to unnecessary laughs. You start to stutter and talk something stupid out of nervousness.

    2. Build your confidence

    The approach to your crush needs confidence. You need to build your confidence. It hardly matters if you flirt or not. It is the approach that matters. A confident approach is always a gesture of a charmer.

    Whatever helps in getting your confidence level up, do it.

    3. Make your move

    If you have never talked to your crush, then it is time to take the first approach. First, try to make an eye contact and as soon as he/she looks at you, smile and maintain 3 seconds of eye contact and then look away. If you are not aware, then let me tell you that this is a non-verbal flirting technique that most of the time works. It has always been helpful.

    4. Present them with compliments

    Complimenting is a tool of excellent cader when it comes to hitting on your crush. Engage in indirect flirting through compliments. Use them while you are in the middle of a conversation. Do not compliment directly while thinking it to be a conversation starter. Be subtle in complimenting and do not be nervous.

    5. Tease a bit

    Teasing is helpful and it creates a sensual appeal to your crush. It is not just a way of flirting, but it also creates a good humor which makes the other person seem interested. Don't tease your crush too hard, instead tease him/her gently and check the response. Their response will say whether they are interested or not.

    6. Physical contact is a game changer

    Flirting is not just limited to words and physical contact is the direct way of flirting. You can casually touch your crush and this is called physical flirting. Act very casual and limit the touches to hands in the beginning.

    Physical flirting sends the signal of attraction, which helps in making a person fall in love.
    Hence, remember to physically flirt with your crush to make him/her feel and think about you. This is the medium through which you can lure your crush directly towards you, without even your crush knowing that he/she is getting drawn.

    Some of the ways are subtle in nature like touch a person while walking by brushing your hands with his/her hands, or hug them, or touch their arms while talking. Other ways mostly include coming close to the ears in order to whisper. Just remember to not make your crush feel uncomfortable with your touch because this can take things on the wrong track.

    7. Flirt virtually

    Social media and smartphones have been very handy to date. Texting your crush and keeping them engaged in the conversation is a pleasant way. It gives you the independence to flirt in a broader aspect and as it is not face-to-face, you don't even become nervous.

    Remember to moderate the time period and not flirt all the time through texts, as it reduces the intensity of fun. Talk and converse, but flirt at times.

    8. Talk about getting together for lunch or dinner

    Giving invitation to your crush about going out for lunch or dinner is a brilliant way to keep the game on track. It makes your crush know about you wanting some time for you both.
    But remember if you have been talking for a while now, then apply this in your game of luring your crush to you.

    9. Be yourself

    It is always good to be real and portrays who you are. This will attract your crush. Be mysterious too. Let your crush be curious to know you more. No matter the scenario, present yourself with honesty.

    These 9 tips will get you going in order to get hold of your crush. It's time you go talk to your crush and make your dreams come true.

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    Story first published: Thursday, April 26, 2018, 16:00 [IST]
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