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    Let's Rest Together Reliving The Past Memories Of Love

    5 best tips to manage your long distance relationship | Boldsky

    The thing about long distance is the days of hunger to be with the partner and when you get to meet finally, your heart says, "let's rest together reliving the past memories of love". Long distance relationships are the most refined form of relationships where trust, respect and the sanctity of love is judged each moment.

    If you ever have been in a long distance relationship you will know how it feels to be in love with the thoughts of being with the partner. The beauty about long distance relationship is the way it is handled. The charm in finding particular timing, to hanging onto the time of meeting each other after days and months of distance is the aura of this kind of relationship. There is also a lot of tension that revolves around the two individuals in a long distance relationship.

    lets rest together reliving the past memories of love

    Why Does Long Distance Relationship Come With Tension?

    When you are not able to see your partner every day, you grow fond of them. This also creates a kind of insecurity that troubles our mind. This insecurity is about losing the partner. We cannot predict the future. So, in order to be secure in our relationship, we get the tension of insecurity. Our thoughts keep asking us if our partner is not cheating us, if our partner is being loyal or not, etc. These thoughts bring tension along with them and it is inevitable for us to let these pass by.

    What All To Do In A Long Distance Relationship?

    1. Be Truthful

    The biggest concept of keeping the love and the relationship intact is the way of being truthful. In every long distance relationships, building trust is the biggest element that will keep you and your partner, happy as a couple. When you are not constantly around each other or even have the option to see one another on a weekly or monthly basis, it is easy to let the mind wander or worry. In order to keep you both grounded and build the foundation your relationship needs, dedicate time to make concrete plans even if they are virtual.

    2. Keep Learning About Each Other

    If you are in a long distance relationship that is also a long-term one, you probably start to think you have learned everything you can about your partner. You need to think again. Because you live apart and there are huge chunks of his/her days and of his/her life that you are not able to witness.

    Rather than sounding like you are interrogating her, make an effort to always check-in and ask her questions that would keep the bond intact as well as you will get to learn more about your partner. Questions like, 'Why do you love that eatery so much that you and your friends go their often? What do normally order there?', will help you feel more connected to him/her and you will also learn about his/her everyday things that you would have generally missed out on.

    3. Showcase Little Gestures

    Appreciate your partner and keep providing small gestures that would keep him/her intact in the bond. Gestures of love have always helped. From sending a greeting card to writing a handwritten letter or from ordering a meal for your partner to buying him/her a gift always makes the relationship intact. Love is the key to a long distance relationship. Showing it depends on you and if you don't then the relationship fails to sustain.

    4. Celebrate Each Moment

    The charm of long distance relationship is the way you handle the love and the distance. It is also about celebrating each passing moment together even through a phone call. The love that you have for your partner should be enough and you both should cherish it each moment.

    When you get to see your partner after a long period of the phone and video calls, you crave to be with them each moment for the remaining amount of time, they are with you. The first thought of the first meet after this long stretch of not seeing each other is, "Let's rest together reliving the past memories of love".

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