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    You Need To Know These Rules To Strengthen Your Love Life

    Love is the purest of all emotion. It has the essence of earth, the breeze of wind, the calmness of water, the flare of fire and the divine feeling of spirit.

    Love is an emotion, which binds this whole world and it is the most beautiful feeling. To be in love and be loved, is the biggest gift of God.

    love life

    It is said that it's more important to stay with a person who loves you rather than staying with a person you love. To be loved, makes a person feel connected to the other. The love between two genders is the base of a happy family and a path to the next generation.

    Love is passed on from one to another and is contagious. The love between a boy and girl begins with attraction; attraction to something with which the other falls in love.

    As love gained is a bliss, love lost is a curse. To enjoy the bliss of togetherness, one needs to follow the rules of love. These rules of love should be followed for a happy relationship, for a better future and to strengthen the relationship.

    A relationship rests on four pillars - trust, honesty, friendship, and frankness. The rules of love are the rules to strengthen these pillars.

    These rules not only guide you but also keep you from falling off the track of love. These rules are the gentle reminder of what you need to do and what you should be doing when in love.

    These rules are a way to make one understand that the way of leading a life in love is easy only when you follow these golden rules of love.

    Let's get to know these rules of love and let's follow them as we walk the path of love.

    Rules Of Love You Should Always Follow

    1. Personal space is much appreciated

    Everyone needs space. Space is where he/she can be himself/herself.

    Mostly, time is the biggest factor in-between couples. It becomes a major issue for them. Being in a relationship does not mean that one cannot spend time with their friends. As one needs a lover, so is the case with friendship, which also holds a high position in a person's life.

    When couples don't give enough space to each other, the relationship starts to crumble and most of the time, this is because the relationship lacks trust. Trust cannot be forced, it should come naturally. If doubt creeps in, the relationship is doomed. Giving space makes your love for each other grow into a relationship and lack of space makes it a binding or a burden.

    2. Jealousy Should Be Banned

    Social position and popularity of one partner make the other jealous. Jealousy is bad for love. Love is too pure to combat jealousy and thus, it gets perished under the harshness of jealousy.

    Jealousy should be banned in love and if it doesn't, then the couple has to face the dictatorship of jealousy in their love life. Thus, the relationship takes the toll and love fades away. Never take your partner as your competitor.

    Remember, both of you need to lead a life together. Your partner's success should be equivalent to your success.

    3. Keep Distance

    It's always better to maintain a distance in love. No one wants to be judged in love. This saves one from being taken for granted. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Distance makes the others realise the importance of the relationship and the urge to meet keeps the excitement alive.

    Distance is the key by which you long to be with your lover. This is the way to make your partner want more of your love and the hunger always stays when your lover is far away from your eyesight.

    Distance makes the relationship feel blessed in love. The farther your lover stays, the hungrier they become of your love and that my friend is a beautiful feeling. The moment your eyes lay again on your lover, your feelings burst out as an emotion and love flow through the tender touch of each other's skin.

    4. Compromising Is A Way Out

    Compromise is not a bad word. You need to compromise when you are in love, just for the sake of a smile on your loved one's face. Compromising on little things, which will make your partner happy, is a way of life in love. It may be a habit, a behaviour, etc.

    One should remember however that compromise does not mean to give away one's likes and respect. Compromising is a settlement which both the partners decide together, keeping in mind the interest of each other.

    5. Accept The Difference

    Opposites attract; but in the course of the relationship, partners tend to change each other. Love your partner the way he/she is and don't forget you fell in love with him/her for all his/her qualities. It is not possible for anyone to change unless they don't want to. A person can only pretend to change. This pretense won't last for long.

    So, trying to change your lover is wrong and it doesn't usually happen.
    It is about growing together, accepting the mistakes each of them has and trying to grow as one with the same mistakes and improving each day.

    6. Trust Is Essential

    Trust is the key to every happy relationship. Trust helps love grow as one. If you and your partner don't trust each other, there is a breach in the relationship and sooner, the love falls apart and neither you or your partner will be able to help either of you.

    One must trust the love he/she has for his/her lover. In doing so, he/she makes it certain for the other to know that love flows from his/her side and should be reciprocated in the same way from the other side.
    So, these six rules of love will keep the passion of the relationship alive. Follow these rules of love to lead a happy relationship.

    Love is the beauty that you seek, the happiness that you feel, the desire that you have and the bonding that you want.

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