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I Used To Be Your Everyday Read, Now Just An Old Book In Your Library

You see how time flies! You will notice it soon if you haven't. I used to be your everyday read, now just an old book in your library. You know how it feels? I will tell you. It feels like a used car that you let to rot in the garage. Using someone is not just. Remember the worth of each soul.

Being used is this century's way of loving someone. I am not talking about real love here. There are beautiful relationships all around but then there are fake people who claim to be in love just to use you for their benefit. One should be aware of these people. But how can one know if they are being used or not? Well, this article will guide you if you are seeking for the answer.

There are a lot of people like you and me. We are all used someway or the other. Relationships for people has become a gameplay. Some play it in the first person mode and some play it, the third person. The thing is at the end when they are bored or their work is done, they are nowhere to be seen.

The love you think was true becomes fake and you fall into the zone of being sad. The art of being in love is a beautiful virtue but when the same art is turned against, it becomes a dreadful scene. Try to avoid it.

How To Know You Are Being Used In The Relationship?

1. You Start To Feel Uncomfortable

Relationships are meant to be comfortable and the space of the relationship to be shared by the couple. When you start feeling uncomfortable in the relationship you need to know the reason behind this. You might ask several questions to your partner but there are no justified reasons. You need to know the reason is that you are being used.

2. You Are Afraid To Say No

It becomes hard for you to say no to your partner after a period of time. The reason is the manipulation of your partner in making you say a yes. You think it is the love between you and your partner, but to be honest it is your partner who is utilising you for his/her benefits. Understand it sooner than later. You need to be independent in the relationship but if you are not then you know that you are being used by your partner.

3. Selectively Nice To You

There are times when your partner is very nice to you and then there are times, they act like you do not mean anything to them. It is not love if you are feeling it this way. It is the idea of love that you have from your partner. Your partner is just using you for the benefits of his/her own. The thing about love is that it is always given and never asked. The nature of love is that way. So your partner should either give you the full of his/her attention or none at all. The mid-session of this love is where you are being used.

4. They Only Call At Night

You are just being used here as you know the call that comes in is for one particular requirement. You did not approve of this while being in love with the person. The love flows without barrier but when the love only comes at a particular hour, it is not love but a statement of being used in the context of love.

5. It's All About Favours

When you see that your partner is all about asking favours, figure out the reason behind it. If you can't then here is the answer. You are being used in the name of love. Please try not to be a part of this. Avoid people who ask for favours in love.

These 5 reasons suggest that you are being used and not loved. The love you share is not reciprocated the same way but it is the nature of your lover to use you. Stay away. You might be the book your partner reads but you will become a used book in your partner's library soon. Be careful and tread on the safer side.

"I used to be your everyday read, now just an old book in your library." - A Mixed Nerve

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Story first published: Friday, July 13, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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