How To Have A Healthy Live-In Relationship

By Tanya

A live-in relationship sounds cool but, at the same time, comes up with a lot of cons as well. Two lovers do not remain lovers anymore after a long live-in relationship. A lot of adjustment, a little bit of compromise, a lot of misunderstandings, a lot of responsibilities and a lot of understanding and love are required. All these factors make the house a home.

It is not easy to stay with your lover under one roof and that too when you are not married. You cannot even complain to your parents regarding the issues.

healthy live-in relationship

But if you are going through a bumpy ride of your live-in relationship, then you can follow these steps to make your live-in relationship a healthy one.

Take Responsibility

Take enough and equal responsibilities with your partner rather than depending on him/her. It takes a lot of courage and effort to take responsibilities at a young age; but if you have decided to stay together, you have to cooperate.

Appreciate And Welcome Each Other's Friends

If you are staying in a flat, it's obvious that the friends would come over. So, rather than being fussy, appreciate it and welcome them. Or if at all you don't like it, then you also have to stop getting your friends over. It has to be two-sided always. Either accept his/her friends or don't involve yours as well.

Weekend Getaways

Of course, you must be feeling bored by sitting at home or just chilling here and there, plan a weekend getaway for the both of you, so that you get out of the boring space and take some fresh air. It always helps in a relationship.

Stop Expecting Sex Every Day

Being in a live-in doesn't mean you will keep on having actions on a daily basis. The continuous timetable of actions will make it monotonous for anyone. If you want to enjoy it, do it on a twice-thrice a week basis or alternate day basis, so that it doesn't become monotonous for you both.

Give Enough Space

Maintain and respect each other's privacy. Do not become a very dominating, clingy, intruding partner when you are in a live-in relationship. It will make the house a very suffocated place. Give enough space, so as to make it a home for your partner. Your partner should not feel suffocated in his/her own house.

Blame Game

Do not play a blame game with your partner in everything. A saturation level comes when you both will feel agitated and frustrated with each other, but that doesn't mean you will play a blame game with your partner. Just accept the natural things, be partners in crime, household work, everything and make it a happy space for you both.

Husband-Wife Feels

Of course, it is going to give you a husband-wife feel, but that doesn't mean you behave like one. You have to accept the fact that you both are still dating and not legal in front of the society. So, better do not behave like the husband-wife and take the full advantage of your dating phase. After a few years, you anyway have to behave like one, so it's better that you behave like a girlfriend-boyfriend for now.

Accepting The Habits

Your partner might leave the washroom unclean, towels on the bed, messy wardrobe; but that doesn't mean, you will uselessly fight or anything. Kindly make them understand or else accept their habits. At the end of the day, you love that person and you yourself have decided to stay with that person. You also might have some bad habits like snoring, loud voice, etc., but your partner is also accepting that. So, rather than being cranky about it, accept it for a healthy live-in.

Arrange Dates

Decorate your room with fairy lights, nice aroma, good dinner and lots of love. Your house will be all set and ready for a beautiful date night. If your days are going monotonous, the same routine is followed, you can always plan a cute pretty date to get rid of the monotonous routine and life. It will add a spark to your unhealthy live-in relationship.

Don't Fight Often

Too much of fights will make your partner fall out of love with you. It is always advisable to fight less and stay harmonically with your partner.

A healthy relationship and more than that a healthy live-in relationship is the one which gives happiness to both and not one. So, follow the above-mentioned steps and make the home worth living for you as well as your partner.

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    Story first published: Thursday, April 19, 2018, 19:45 [IST]
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