Love Story: Because Love Changes Its Form When The Situation Demands It To

By Shatavisha

Love is one of the strongest human emotions. Its impact is so strong that it is virtually impossible to remain unaffected by it all. Our forefathers were also bound to its chains as much as you and I are. Now, love can be experienced in a number of forms. There is love that exists within the family. There is love among friends. There is love beyond all of that.

Now, when one falls in love and marries a person, going by the Indian culture, she or he gets bounded to their spouses' family and becomes a part of them. With each member in this new family, she or he is bounded by love.

The power of this love is so strong that it may change its form in the course of years; but the essence of the same remains unhindered. Read on to know the love story of Nikita and Rohit and how the love that existed between her and Rohit's younger brother Rohan changed its form when the situation demanded as such.

This story tells us that there is no force on this earth that is stronger than that of love. Read on to know more about this mesmerizing power of love.


Where It All Began

Nikita and Rohit were classmates since their school days. What began as a friendship between childhood play pals soon blossomed into teenage love. The duo confessed their love for each other. Following their class 12 boards, Rohit made his way to the NDA to pursue a career in defense. Nikita was doing her graduation in English honors and aspired to become a teacher.


Realizing Career Aspirations

Following his graduation, Rohit joined the Indian army as an officer. Nikita too completed her B.Ed and was going to one of the most reputed schools of Indore as a teacher. Thus, with their careers falling into place, it was time to take their relationship to the next level.


Families Coming Into The Picture

When the couple told about their relation to their respective families, both sets of family were more than happy to accommodate the same. To Rohit's family, Nikita was the daughter they never had. Rohit too mingled well with his future in-laws.


The Dream Wedding

With the unexpected response from both sets of families, it was indeed a ‘dream come true' moment for the couple. Nikita soon walked down the aisle and the couple went for a romantic honeymoon to Paris. Indeed their life seemed to be mirroring that of a fairy tale.


The Life They Had Opted For

A month after his wedding, Rohit reported back on duty. Nikita had moved in with her in-laws and was very happy in her new family. Rohit's parents and younger brother Rohan had welcomed her with open arms.


When It Is All About The Call Of Duty

It was one lazy autumn night. Rohit was excited about the prospect of going home in less than a month. That was when he got orders that militants were reportedly put up in the nearby Chamba jungle and that he was to lead his battalion and tackle the situation.


When Tragedy Befalls

As luck would have it, after a particularly gruesome encounter, the Indian army was able to capture the militants alive. However, the sacrifice that the nation had to pay for this was the life of its brave son, Lt. Rohit Agnihotri.


A Death Of Honor

With Rohit martyred, things at home were up for a change. While the entire nation spoke of Rohit's valor (with him being awarded the Ashok Chakra posthumously in the Republic Day that followed), there was only gloom in Nikita's life. The nation may have lost one of its millions of sons; Nikita had lost the love of her life. To her, life no longer seemed worth living for.


The Support From The Family

It pained both Nikita's and Rohit's family to see this young lady in a state likes that. Nikita had lost her interest in almost everything that appealed to her. Teaching young kids no longer mattered to her. Both the families showered her with immense love during this difficult phase of life.


When Enough Is Enough

Seeing his sister-in-law broken like this it affected Rohan very bad. He knew that following his brother's death, the responsibility of his aged parents and his widowed sister-in-law fell upon his able shoulders. It was a combination of his sense of duty and his love for his sister-in-law that made him ask her hand in marriage.


The Initial Displeasure

Upon learning about the prospect, Nikita rejected it outright. To her, Rohit was her first and last love and she could not think of marrying anyone else. However, the idea of this marriage appealed to both sets of parents. Being under the emotional pressure from the elders of the family, Nikita finally gave in and a simple court marriage followed.


When Love Blossoms

A relationship that began as a compromise to situations soon blossomed into love. The understanding that the duo shared was something that soon became the envy of the world. Indeed, it was Nikita's relationship with Rohan was one that reemphasized the fact that love can change its forms if the situation so deserves. With life demanding as such, the love that Rohan had for his sister-in-law soon changed its form to be one that he has for his wife. But in this entire journey, the one thing that survived it all was pure love and nothing else.


The Years That Followed

Today, a decade since the duo got bounded in the bonds of holy matrimony; their family is complete. Their eight-year-old son Raghav is the apple of the eye for the entire household. He aspires to be an officer of the Indian Armed Forces, just like his martyred uncle. Rohan, Nikita and the entire family's love and blessings are with him. If Nikita's tale is not one of true love, I don't know what is.

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    Story first published: Friday, February 16, 2018, 17:17 [IST]
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