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    Be With The One Who Treats You The Best; Relationship Goals

    Remember to be with the one who treats you the best. You deserve it. Remember, you are unique and you have magic in you that no one else does. Yes, that magic is the way you behave, talk and do other kinds of stuff. No one else does it like you. So, when you get into a relationship, you need to know that there are a lot of things that go on in the mind.

    These might be similar for everyone but the perspective you have is different. Every thought the way you think is always unique. So, when you love someone, don’t bend for their love. Let them have theirs and let yourself have your own way.

    Love is something very beautiful and meaningful at the same time. Relationship goals are best defined when you are at your best and your partner at his/her best.

    Think of the ways you and your partner are right now. Is it the same way you wanted it? If not, then he/she is not the one for you.

    be with the one who treats you the best

    How To Know They Treat You The Best?

    It is not easy to understand a person’s mind. But when you see their actions, you understand a lot about what goes on in their mind. To understand a person, you just have to observe them. To know how they treat you, all you have got to do is read between the lines they speak and the actions they portray.

    Let’s just say you are getting to know a man and you think you both can get into a relationship. But you want to be sure about your feeling if they are going to treat you the best or not.

    There are certain signs that the man will be best for you. Let’s see the reasons behind it.

    1. They Successfully Complete The Pub Test

    I call the first understanding as the 'pub test' to know if you're with the right person. When you’re at a bar or a pub or a coffee shop or at a friend's party with your new partner, but you are still looking around to see who else is out there and who might see you two together, then he has failed the pub test. If you feel happily content with your new partner, and you expect everyone there to notice you with him, then he has successfully completed the pub test.

    If it was the former and you were looking around, then you are probably unsure of him being your partner and if it is the latter, then you are certain about him being your new partner.

    2. They Don’t Drag You Or Restrict You

    If you are with a person who is happy with your success and the way you lead your life, then he is the best for you to be with. A man who gets excited about your success and goals in life is someone who won't feel the need to hold you back ever. Unhealthy relationships mostly include some form of vandalizing of one partner. Dating a man who is happy with their life means they will definitely be happy for you with whatever you do to excel.

    3. He Won’t Try To Change You

    No matter how bad the situation is they will always seek for an optimistic way out of it. They won’t let anything change in the relationship nor will they ask you to change for the sake of the relationship. A man who understands the simplicity of a relationship will never ask for any changes in the relationship. He would never really ask you to change. He will support the way you are and will always be happy to see you like the way you have been with him in the relationship.

    4. They Are Adjusting To Your Way Of Life

    They understand that relationships are a joint venture of two souls and it works the best when you both are adjusting with each other. If your man is adjusting with your way of life like the way you are with his, he is the best person to be with. The nature of the relationship will always be a happy and positive one. Adjusting partners are a boon for the relationship. A lot many times, relationships end because the partners are not in sync with each other and do not adjust to each other’s way of life.

    5. They Listen To What You Have To Say

    If your man is a lot more than understanding and hears each and everything that you say, and is a true listener to your problems, he means to keep you with him. This suggests him to be the best fit for you.

    One of the signs that your man is likely to make a good mate is that he always shows genuine interest in your life and listens attentively when you are speaking. He also remembers things that you have told them about yourself. This is a sign of the real man and a person who won’t change after a period of time.

    Conversely, if your man always monopolises the conversation you and he are having, does not ask you about how your day went and how you have been, then it suggests that he is not the best fit for you for he has shown clear signals that he doesn’t really care about how you feel and what you want to express.

    This is not a man you would have in your life and the truth about this relationship is that it will end before it even reaches the peak. It is better for you not to be with a person who treats you like an audience.

    These are the 5 sure signs that suggest he is the best fit or not. You need to look into the actions they portray. It becomes easy to understand then.

    The thing about love is, it is a give and give feeling but if your partner is all about making love rather than giving, you need to know you cannot provide him with the love all the time as it will dry you out the juice of love in the relationship. It is better you never get into a relationship with such kind of person.

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