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Why Men Love Curvy Women?

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Men running after curvy women is not a trend; it has some real evolutionary reasons. Yes, men love to see the super models walking on the ramp, but when it comes to their personal lives, they would wish to settle down with a normal voluptuous healthy woman.

Yes, size zero figure may look aesthetic on screen but in real life, a man fantasises walking into a bedroom with a voluptuous woman.

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Yes, men crave for curves. But unfortunately, certain fashion trends have made us believe that looking like a bag of bones is beauty. Read on to know why men crave for curvy women...


Reason #1

A recent study claims that men experience a rush (similar to the rush that comes from drugs) when they are in the presence of curvy woman! This is an obvious reason why men go crazy for curves.


Reason #2

Another survey stated that a majority of men who are healthy and physically active choose voluptuous females over skinny women.

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The same study also claims that some men who choose extremely skinny women are the ones who are materialistic (or they are the men who are brainwashed by the media that shows skinny super models).


Reason #3

All surveys indicate that 8 men out of every 10 men, prefer women with curves and not size zero. And most of them openly said that plus size women are more attractive. The men who participated in the survey were between 20 to 50 years.


Reason #4

Another theory is that men perceive curvy women as fit for reproductive function. Somehow, men are programmed to perceive curves as a symbol of reproductive fitness.

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Reason #5

In a study conducted recently, men's brains were scanned while they were made to watch pictures of skinny women and voluptuous women.

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Surprisingly, the brain scans showed more action and stimulation in certain areas of the brain when those men watched curvy women.


Reason #6

Curvy women look real. And of course, a majority of men opine that voluptuous women are good in bed. At the end of the day, all women are beautiful.

But the objective of such surveys is to make us realise that there is no point in being obsessive about a size zero figure. Starving and dieting may spoil the beauty. A woman who embraces her actual looks is always perceived as the most beautiful woman by any man.

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