Why Do Married People Flirt?

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Being happily married without having any fights and qualms is something that does not exist in this world anymore. Most of the married couples have conflicts, when one of the partners cheats on the other and then there are a series of things that completely spoil the relationship.

One of the main reasons for relationships to go sour is when one of the partners cannot stop flirting with others out of the wedlock!

We are here to explain some of the reasons as to why married people flirt.

Every time you look at a married person flirting, you may start pondering on several questions. Questions like, "are they not happy with their partner" or "are they looking for pleasure outside the wedding" are some that constantly crop in our minds.

But researchers have a different opinion about this situation. Various studies have revealed that playful bantering or gentle flirting with someone outside the marriage is harmless, unless things do not get intense and out of hand.

So, check out for some of the reasons as to why people flirt outside their marriage.


If The Partners Are Secretive!

When a partner is not being vocal about their thoughts and their personal life with their better-half, it creates curiosity and there are trust issues that seep in. This not only leads to other marital problems, but also makes a person to flirt around, in order to seek happiness.


They Do It To Boost Their Self-esteem

People love it when they get all the attention, even when the world knows that they are taken away. It all starts with a little appreciation and then it's like a constant craving for the same. And due to this, married people may even start flirting to get some attention!


When The Relationship Is Not Satisfactory!

When the relationship is not satisfactory, the better half could turn flirtatious and look for relationship outside. If one does not fulfill the worldly or physical desires in a relationship, the partner can tend to lean out and eventually end up flirting around.


To Make Their Partners Jealous!

This is something that is done by most of the couples. They flirt to make their partners jealous. This kind of a flirting is mostly healthy and is done only to gain the attention of the spouse.


They Are Players

These type of people are the ones who'd love to seek attention at any given moment. They would not mind flirting in front of their better halves too, as they think it to be quite cool to do so.

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Story first published: Friday, January 6, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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