Why Did He Breakup? (Based On Your Sun-Sign)

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When a breakup occurs, you might feel shattered but it is better to quickly analyse what went wrong and what you could learn from it. Of course, it isn't easy to go through the pain.

In fact, it is better to believe that it ended as it wasn't healthy for you. At least, you can console yourself like that. Also, some people say that people come into our lives to teach something and when the lesson is over, they leave.

Whatever it is, here are some probable reasons why he walked out of your life according to your sun sign.



Maybe you embraced extremes while he prefers moderation in anything. Or maybe your high energy levels or your passion didn't match his. Or maybe he though you're selfish. Never mind, you will soon find someone who appreciates your qualities.



May be he found talking to you very difficult. You need to find a guy who helps you open up and then patiently listens to you.



He could have left may be because he thought you're still not sure about him. He thought you are clueless about what you actually want from the relationship or life in general. Or did he see you talking closely to some other guy?

Once you do some soul-searching and figure out your needs, you might find a better guy.



You must have been too sensitive. Did you get hurt often? Did you break into tears when he criticised you? Were you too emotional?

Or may be your mood swings scared him. Whatever it is, Cancer women are among the best partners for marriage. So, don't worry; you deserve the best guy.



Leos commonly need lots of validation. You might feel low if your partner doesn't praise you. Also, you care a lot for your image and others opinions about you matter a lot to you. If that is so, he must have left for the same reasons.

Don't worry, just be confident and you might get a man who showers you more compliments.



Did you set high standards for yourself or were you over-ambitious? Or did you look like a perfectionist?

Maybe, he ran away because of those very qualities! Don't worry, as those are good qualities but you may need to be a bit liberal in love.



Were you too logical and rational all the time? He could have thought that you'd never venture into his realm to understand him.

Maybe, it is time to be spontaneous too. You'll get the best guy.



He must have perceived you like a fighter who ruthlessly fights. Or maybe you sounded too defensive. Or did he feel inferior?

Scorpions are the best in bed in the entire Zodiac. So, you might get the best man soon.



Were you committed? Maybe, he doubted that and walked away.

Don't worry, as you might surely find a guy who loves your adventurous side.



Guys take time to understand you. He must have tried to figure you out but finally gave up.

You look bold and outgoing on one side and you are totally a private person on another. You look sensitive and soft on one side but at times your flareups could scare anyone. So, make yourself more intersting and the best guy will soon propose you.



He must have understood that you're not in touch with your emotions.

Once you can tune yourself with your feelings, you will be able to attract a better guy.



You may need to come out of your dream land. He could have walked out because you seemed detached from reality.

Or you must have seen too many romantic movies and expected your relationship to be like that.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 16:56 [IST]
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