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What He Secretly Notices About You In Bed But Won't Tell...

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Making love is a very intimate activity which exposes you to someone. You can't hide your true self when you are naked physically and emotionally too.

In fact, that is the reason why it is better to make love only when you have love towards someone. And when there is love, you don't need to worry how you look, how messy your hair is or how bad your skin is when you remove clothes.

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If you have fears about what all he might notice the first time when you get naked with him, read on...


Stretch Marks

Wait! He notices them. But that doesn't make you any less attractive. If he enjoys your company, everything about you is beautiful including those stretch marks.


Belly Fat

He enjoys making love to you. He doesn't care how much belly fat you have. Yes, he notices belly fat but he doesn't perceive you as unattractive.


Your Hair Down There!

Yes, men notice that too. They like it to be trimmed. You don't need to shave it. There is a peculiar smell in that area when there is a bit of hair down there.


Your Reactions

He notices how your body reacts and feels when he touches you. He gets a high looking at how your body responds to his advances.


Your Passion

You can't fake passion. And he notices just that. He will see the degree of love you display when you are in bed.

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Your Sensitive Areas

When he touches you in certain areas, you moan in pleasure. He notices that. He tries to touch there again and again.


Your Efforts

He notices whether you prefer to just lie down doing nothing or work hard to make him feel good. He notices whether you expect him to do everything or actively take part in the game.

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Your Cuddling Behaviour

He notices how you cuddle. Your cuddling behaviour tells a lot about your feelings towards him.


Your Tightness

He may notice the tightness down there but won't tell you. Women think that pregnancy and advancing age can make them lose the tightness down there. No!

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The feeling of tightness during intercourse comes when the pelvic muscles are strong and fit. Regular exercises and kegel exercises can keep the pelvic muscles fit and that can make your man experience you tightness.

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