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How To Know If There Is Sexual Tension Between Two

Intense physical attraction signs are easy to identify. Imagine this situation. You go to the coffee shop and stare at the woman who sits at the cash counter. She too stares and smiles. You become a regular customer and enjoy the mutual stares and smiles. But the story never goes anywhere though you dream about sleeping with her. Did you ever have such an experience?

Firstly, what is sexual tension? It is very strong physical attraction. It is nothing but physical desire between two people that arises during social interactions. In most of the cases, it may never go to the next level.

Intense Physical Attraction Signs

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It can happen between two co-workers who work closely; it can even happen between a booking clerk and a regular client. It can happen in certain social situations. Even among a group of friends, two people may experience this phenomena. In most of the cases, it never goes to the next level for many reasons.

Also, in cases where the attraction is purely physical, this kind of tension is experienced. Here are some more facts about this experience.

You Can Sense Attraction

You know she is interested and she knows that you are attracted. But neither of you take any action to take it any further. Maybe both of you are shy. Or she is already married and doesn't want to cheat her spouse.

You'll Experience It...

How to know when you experience this phenomena? Well, when you are in her presence, you can literally experience a strange feeling in your chest, stomach and private parts. Your heart rate increases and your whole being craves to sleep with that person.

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Intense Stares

You may intensely stare at the other person and she may also reciprocate with the same intensity. She may sometimes see you as if she wants to eat you up. What causes strong physical attraction? Even if you analyse, you won't find a clue.

Body Language

The body language also changes. When you both see each other even from a distance, you tend to change your body language to make yourself look more attractive.

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Something Overwhelms You

You tend to feel as if something is overwhelming you when you are looking at her. In fact, you feel horny. When you talk to her, your voice changes and you unconsciously try to talk in a sexy tone.

What Your Friends Say

Even your friends who notice you from a distance could easily tell that you are undergoing a different experience in that person's presence. They could make out the very strong physical attraction you share.

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Naughty Thoughts!

When you are talking to her, evil thoughts hit your mind. You feel like biting her lips and kissing her everywhere. This is one of the intense physical attraction signs. The same may happen to her.

Her body language and the way she speaks to you, tell that she too is interested. But there ends the matter. Neither would you dare to ask her out, nor would she tell that she is interested!

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