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How To Make Him Daydream About You


Suppose you have an interesting guy around who is just your friend, how to take things forward without making it look too obvious?

Well, you might feel awkward to propose him. Also, you wouldn't want to initiate anything. You want him to come forward and express feelings. How would you do that?

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Well, just make him go mad with your looks and moves. With just a few simple moves, you can make him day dream about you. And when he really goes to that extent, he will surely open up and reveal his feelings. Read on...


Tip #1

Call him early in the morning and have a casual chat. Your voice at that time would be sleepy and seductive. If it isn't so seductive, try to modulate it a bit to give him the feel that you really missed him. But your conversation should be a casual one without any romantic tones in it.


Tip #2

When you meet him during the day in a coffee shop, wear your best dress that lights up flames in any guy. Simply sit near him and causally have a chat. That could make him go home and think about you.

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Tip #3

During the conversation, bring your face close to his while speaking but don't kiss. If you don't know how to do that, simply tell him that you want to show a mail or picture in your mobile. Ask him to come closer to have a clear look at your mobile. The slightest touch in such situations can also make him day dream about you.


Tip #4

When he pays the bill, act as if you are upset and take that opportunity to put some money in his pocket. This is just to use that opportunity to put your hand in his pocket. Your fingers will make him mad even if it is his shirt's pocket. He will surely go home and start dreaming about you doing more of such things.

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Tip #5

While walking with him, pretend as if you tripped on something and let him catch you before falling. That touch can make him day dream too. He may lose his sleep that night!


Tip #6

If none of the above works, realise that he has no feelings for you and don't waste time trying to woo him. You deserve someone who can understand your feelings faster!

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