How To Know If You Are Bro-zoned

By Ajanta Sen

Bro-zoned is an unpleasant term which is given to the girls who are considered as one of those buddies or pals with whom guys can hang around with just like their male friends. So, if you really like a guy and he is showing you some signs such as keeping the conversations short, always hanging around with a bunch of people and avoiding individual hang outs with you, etc., then you must move on.

In such cases, you must be trying very hard on your part, but things just don't work out the way you want. He goes on treating you like his buddy without any display of romantic feelings or any special attention.

 How To Know If You Are Bro-zoned

So, he is considering you as a dude. But sometimes many people do not understand whether they have been bro-zoned or not. They keep trying and continue to get upset every time. In that case, this article will help you to understand about this aspect better with the following signs:

No Fixed Plans

If you realize that whenever you try to make some plans with him, he is never sure about it, then be sure he is not into you.

He would either avoid the topic or he would say that he has some important meeting or other things to do on that day. If somebody really likes you, he will surely love to have fixed plans with you and he would adhere to those plans as well.

 How To Know If You Are Bro-zoned

Lack Of Emotions

If your man is devoid of any emotional conversations, then it is high time you should move on. If you tell him that you really like him and love his company, any guy who is into you ought to be thrilled after hearing this.

Any guy who is interested in you would respond to your emotions after you have expressed your interest in him. However, if the guy is just ignoring to have such emotional talks, he is definitely putting you in the bro-zone.

 How To Know If You Are Bro-zoned

It Is Hard For Him To Remember Things You Do Or Say

You are sure that the guy you like has a pretty good memory. But after some time, you come to know that he hardly remembers things you did in the past or have told him some time back. It simple means he doesn't care about you in that way.

He is not interested to be a part of your life. This is also one of the numerous signs that you have been bro-zoned.

 How To Know If You Are Bro-zoned

Lack Of Communication
You send him a text and keep waiting for his reply. You get a reply after a week and sometimes a month or at times, no reply at all.

A guy who likes you will never keep you waiting for so long, he would surely respond after a reasonable period of time. This lack of communication is also a sign of friend zone or bro-zone.

Talks About Other Ladies To You

You must understand and take this as a warning sign if the guy whom you like starts talking about other females. If you were a couple or even if he would have considered this relationship as a love affair, he would never discuss or show interest in other women in front of you.

This simply implies that he takes you as his buddy with whom he can share his turn-ons and offs in other women.

Introduction As A Buddy

Just observe his way of introducing you to his pals. If you come to know that he refers to you as his favourite buddy or kind of a sister, he always wanted to have, then be sure that you are in the dreadful bro-zone.

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    Story first published: Thursday, November 23, 2017, 15:04 [IST]
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