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Easy Steps To Get Your Ex Back Into Your Life

By Shabana

Man is a social animal. This means to say that man cannot live alone. We need a special companion by our sides, who would like to go through life's ups and downs with us. But we humans often drive the people we love away from us just by a simple mistake.

Relationships are very delicate. They require a lot of love and dedication to prosper. If you are in a serious relationship, you should be ready to give your heart and soul to the one you love and make compromises. Even a single mistake can cost you your relationship.

How many times have you come across a situation where you committed a mistake in the heat of the moment? A mistake that made your partner move away from you? Things like insulting them regarding any weakness they possess, or comparing them with your exes or unforgivable ones like cheating on them with someone else, all these are mistakes which can seriously hurt your partner and compel them to breakup with you.

If you have come across such a situation where you have committed a mistake and your partner has dumped you, it's time to win them back.

All of us come across situations in life. It is how we deal with them that defines us. Making mistakes is second nature to us humans. But learning from them is what will make us wise.

Getting dumped by the person you love is not a good feeling. However, you can certainly try to mend the broken pieces and get your relationship back on track. How, you ask? Do not worry...!!

Here, we will tell you various steps towards getting your Ex to forgive you and bring him/her back into your life.


Step 1: Self Realisation Is The First Key

Before asking your Ex for forgiveness, it is important that you realise your own mistakes. Make sure that you are feeling sorry from within and also assure yourself that you will never repeat this mistake again, or for that matter, do anything that will drive your partner away from you.


Step 2: Get Them To Listen To You

After breaking up, chances are your partner may not want to meet or see you again, let alone getting them to talk to you. After the initial struggle, however, once you manage to get hold of them, ask for forgiveness. Let them know that you are admitting your mistake and are asking for their forgiveness.


Step 3: Do Not Try To Justify Your Actions

When you are asking for forgiveness, a lot of people instead try to justify their actions. This is probably the worst thing you can do, as that gives them a message saying that you are not genuinely sorry and have all the chances of repeating your mistakes again.


Step 4: Tell Them You Still Have Feelings For Them

Your Ex should know that you are not just asking for forgiveness but want them in your life again. This will show that you still love them and are willing to keep aside your ego for the sake of the relationship.


Step 5: Encourage Them To Talk To You

You need to make your Ex talk and let them share what they are feeling, as that will give you an insight into their minds. Listening to them talk will help you understand whether they are ready to forgive you or not.


Step 6: Try To Win Their Trust Back

This is a very difficult but important step. Trust once broken is very difficult to get back. But you need to try winning your partner's trust with everything you have. The easiest way to do that is to try and mend your mistake. What was the thing that upset your partner in the first place? If it was something related to your friends or any of your habits, make genuine efforts to stay away from it.


Step 7: Remind Them Of The Old Times

Sometimes, moving into flashback may help get on with your relationship. Try to remind your Ex about the things that made them fall in love with you. Also, reminiscing the old times that you spent as a couple will help get them back the same feelings back for you.


Step 8: Think From Their Point Of View

If your partner has no mood to forgive you, do not be upset. Instead, try to see things from their point of view. Your mistake might seem unforgivable by yourself. Your partner broke up with you because you made them very upset. Once you realise this, it will be easier to deal with the issues.


Step 9: Give Your Ex Some Space

After you have apologized to them and admitted to your mistake, give them some space to think. Staying away from them for sometime will make them realise whether or not they still love you or want you back into their life.


Step 10: Admit That They Do Not Want To Get Back

Sometimes, certain things take two people apart with irreconcilable differences. But do not feel bad on yourself. It is just that you crossed the border with your partner and they are afraid of getting hurt again. You tried to correct your mistake and that is what matters in the end.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 20:00 [IST]
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