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Do Women Like Dating A Feminine Man? Do Women Get Attracted To Feminine Guys?

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Masculine men who have squarish jaw lines, deep voices, bulging muscles and aggressive attitude may think that they can get the best women but feminine men tend to get more women.

Of course, masculine men are surely attractive to beautiful women but still, feminine men tend to come across as approachable and understanding.

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Do Looks Matter To Women ? कैसे मर्द हैं महिलाओ को पसंद | Boldsky

When it comes to a long-term relationship, looks take the back seat and several other qualities become the first priority. So, here are the reasons why women get attracted to feminine men.


Manly Men Are Too Intimidating

Studies suggest that women who have been raised by a very dominant father may get intimidated in the company of a manly man. Such women prefer a sensitive guy who is not harsh or scary.


Feminine Guys Are Emotional

They can easily relate to the emotions of women and that starts a connect faster. Manly men do not come across as empathetic or compassionate.

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Common Factors

Women can find so many things in common when they start a conversation with a feminine man. Also, manly men brag a lot about themselves whereas feminine men care to listen more and speak less.


No Unnecessary Aggression

The best part is that feminine guys are peaceful, calm and soft. They don't carry an aggressive or a violent side that masculine guys sport.


They Console; Not Crib

When women cry, feminine guys can be understanding and consoling. Masculine guys get irritated when they see women crying.

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They Are Not Selfish In Bed

Most of the masculine guys try to show off their strength and stamina in bed and often end up quenching their own desire and without caring about satisfying the woman. But feminine men are slow and careful in bed. They ensure that they are not too harsh and hurting.


What Surveys Say

A recent survey claimed that majority of women prefer men with slightly feminine faces. Of course, a percentage of beautiful women generally get attracted to men with masculine faces (square jaw) but the majority tend to get attracted to feminine guys or guys with feminine faces.

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