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Why You Should Marry A Girl With Dimples

By A Mixed Nerve

Dimples on a woman make her extra attractive and very cute. Studies show that 90% of men get attracted to women who have these little dents in their cheeks. Well, so gentlemen, what makes you want to marry a woman with the deformity?

For those who are unaware of what a dimple is - They are prominent indentations of the skin which is caused by the underlying flesh. Dimples occur on the chin when the underlying bone structure of the jaw develops with a depression in the centre.

According to astrology, dimples have a good as well as bad significance for the woman. In a good way, a woman who has dimples will marry the man of her dreams, and in the negative aspect, it is believed that women who have dimples, will not be lucky with a mother-in-law.

Dimples have been a constant favourite feature of many men. Although men seek women with varied other attributes, it is always dimples that curve their path towards a woman.

Astrology states that such women might not have a mother-in-law or if she is present she might pass away after a while.

Keeping this aside, today, I will give you 5 reasons why these dimpled beauties will make the perfect wife. Here are some of the positive reasons why men choose to marry the dimpled beauty as well, take a look:

You Will Have A Blissful Life

According to sources, it is said that women who have dimples will have a blissful married life. So, guys, if your listening, it is time to meet that dimpled beauty. It has been found women with dimples have a better-married life with their partners than any other. So, if you are seeking for a partner, why not seek for a dimpled one?

She Will Love & Respect Him

Dimpled women will also be good wives. They will tend to be more loving and respectful to their spouse. These women are also said to be genuine and very down to earth, which makes it an all the more reason to get down on one knee and pop the question to that dimpled beauty.

Your Love Life Will Be Awesome

It is also said that dimples on a woman's face signify a strong Mount Venus, hence your love life will be an awesome experience, each and every time. Love life is directly proportional to the curvature of the dimples, so if you think you are having a good love life, ask for a better one with the one with dimples. Not only you will feel the happiness, but curvatures on face does make you smile more often when you look at them.

These Women Are Fun Loving

Women who have dimples are said to be fun loving and carefree. These women also live life to the fullest, so if you're looking at marrying your girlfriend who is blessed with dimples, you are in for an awesome roller-coaster ride with her. Women with dimples are more outward in nature and this makes them more fun loving. Try them with adventures and outdoor activities. You will see them saying yes, happily.

Think About Your Off Spring

If one of your parents has dimples, you have a 25% to 50% chance of inheriting the gene. Therefore, your offspring will get a chance of this curve too. Can you imagine your daughter looking super cute with a dimple? Can you imagine your boy having a dimpled chin? One of the wonders in the world are babies and when you find your baby daughter and your baby son having dimples, the same way their mother has, won't it bring a lot of happiness in your mind? The love between you and your partner grows in depth every time you look into the baby's dimples. It keeps you hooked on your partner's dimples and makes you think about them.

These are 5 reasons to state that a woman with dimples is a better choice. But it all depends on you. At the end every human is beautiful and every human has their own unique features. If you think you are in 'awe' of dimples, then search for a dimpled lady to be your partner. Have a better understanding of them.

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